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Year 5

I would like to wish you all a peaceful and Holy Easter.  A time of re-birth and new life brings us all hope for the future.

Best wishes

Mrs McKnight


Welcome to Year 5


We would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts you gave to myself, Mrs Beadell and Mrs Dreelan.  It was very kind and generous of you.  


Just a few bits of information for your diaries.  

Year 5 are starting our Forest School sessions next week - Tuesday 14th January for 5 weeks.  The children will need to bring in suitable warm and comfortable clothing, a hat and gloves and a pair of wellies.  It can get very cold outside and we will go out in all weathers except when the wind is strong.  The school provides the children with wet weather coats and trousers.  

I have given the children their project homework and they have until Monday 23rd March to complete it.  You are invited in the afternoon of Thursday 26th March so the children can present their work to you and any other parent that is there.  I will confirm the time later and let you know as soon as possible.  

We will be visiting Paultons Park on Tuesday 24th March to learn about the forces that are harnessed to enable the rides to work effectively.  It is a very  interesting visit - the staff are really knowledgeable - and the children love it.  We will be sending out a letter soon with details about cost and lunches etc.  


Spring Term 


We have had an incredibly busy spring term so far.  In science, when learning about the earth and the solar system, the children have completed some really excellent work.  They have a better understanding of our solar system and know that the earth rotates on its axis to create day and night while revolving around the sun to create the seasons. 


Today (4th March) we were extremely lucky to have Lt Peter Taylor from the Royal Navy join us to demonstrate to the children how turbines work on a ship and how the propellers have to be designed to work efficiently .

The children worked in pairs to have a first go at a design and it was tested in the turbine.  Then after discussing the designs that worked well and those that didn't, they had another go.  All the group had made an improvement and a few had gone from a 'poor' efficiency rating to a 'very good' one - in just one attempt.  This was a real life example of learning from our mistakes and not giving up. Your children were brilliant and their behaviour and astute questioning was commented on by Lt Taylor.  Well done year 5.  


Take a look at what we have been up to in the Autumn term: