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Home Learning


Reading is one of the most important skills we will ever learn, as having the ability to read means we can learn about anything else we choose.  Reading entertains us, it teaches us about different lives, cultures and periods in history; it enables us to enter another world and discover things anew.  It also ignites our passions - for beauty, for justice, for peace.  Brilliant authors and poets can change our minds and lives.  This is the main reason we want your child to have a love for reading. 

Additionally, regular reading is also vital for your child to be well prepared for end of key stage expectations and test.  We ask that they read for 30 minutes per day.  Most children said that they read when they go to bed, so were happy with this expectation.  Reading regularly will increase your child's reading stamina, and, as long as they are reading age-appropriate books, will enrich their vocabulary, and help them to understand more sophisticated sentence structure and grammar.   

Maths facts 

It is important that the children know the maths facts for their year group, as it will benefit them in class.  It is vital that children can quickly recall all the x table facts to 12 x 12, and the associated division facts.  Nearly all aspects of maths they do will require them to use this knowledge.  I have asked that the children do 15mins an evening.  


All children are given 10 spellings each week to learn.

Changes to home-learning from 13th November 2023.  

Year 6s have to write at least 5 sentences each week and practise writing out their spellings 5 times a week. 


All children are given up to 6 words to discuss at home.  They could be synonyms of each other, they could be subject specific, or from the novel we are reading in class. 

Summer term spelling

Summer term vocabulary

Summer term maths