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As a core subject, we believe at St Jude’s that science is extremely important to our pupils. We need to encourage and nurture children’s curiosity and ensure that children have the opportunities to ask and answer given questions and their own in a safe environment.

Science teaching will usually be taught each week, although for some areas it may be more appropriate to group the lessons together and spend half a day or a day depending on the unit.

Children will be given the opportunity to explore the wonders of the world and their own local environment. They will work scientifically and start to assess their own investigations by asking, “do my results make sense?” and “was my test fair?”. They will be able to retest and make conclusions and learn that sometimes results are inconclusive. They will become increasingly more adept at using scientific resources, language and understanding the need to work safely. They will record their results in an organised form, such as a table or graph. Most importantly, children will learn that asking and answering questions is fun and that discoveries made by great scientists have come from curiosity.

Over the course of KS1 and KS2 the curriculum will cover these main areas:

  • Variation and Evolution

The children will ask “What is life?” and explore the variety of life.


  • Animals

The children will learn that humans are animals and how animals survive. They will learn about nutrition, body parts, digestion, teeth and organs.


  • Plants

The children will explore the key features of plants and what keeps them alive, including pollination and seed dispersal.


  • Materials

The children will investigate a wide range of materials and their properties. They will explore solids, liquids and gases and how heating and cooling change materials.


  • Forces

The children will study gravity, friction, pushes and pulls.


  • Electricity

The children will explore what electricity is and how it works by making circuits.


  • Light

The children will investigate how light travels and how we see.


  • Sound

The children will explore how sound travels and how pitch and volume can be altered.


  • Earth and Space

The children will investigate our solar system including mass, gravity and stars.

Science whole school overview 2019 - 2020