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"A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.  Science has changed our lives..." (National Curriculum) 

Science and scientific thought and process is vital in an ever changing world and we want the children of St Jude's to be equipped with the enthusiasm, the drive and the curiosity to be creative about how to solve the challenges the world will face in the future.  

Through the teaching of science in each year group we want to develop in the children a curiosity for the science all around them and the natural phenomena they witness.  We want the children to ask questions that are difficult to answer, to ponder over anomalies in their findings, to come up with hypotheses, plan fair tests and to discover enthralling facts about science.  We will give the children exciting and safe opportunities, both inside the classroom and outside in our extensive grounds, throughout their educational journey with us, so their passion for science is ignited.  

Science teaching will usually be taught each week, although for some areas it may be more appropriate to group the lessons together and spend half a day or a day depending on the unit.

In some KS1 science units, such as Seasonal Changes and Plants, the learning will develop over the year so the children can witness those changes in real time.  When learning about Materials across both key stages, an effort will be made to link this with other subject areas such as D&T to make the learning meaningful and relevant. Where no such link is appropriate we will not force one.   

Below you will find a link to the Science National Curriculum.