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After watching Mrs Wall's collective worship at the start of Pentecost, we had a great discussion about what we can all do to limit the human affects on our world and act together to stop climate change getting worse.

The following links are suggestions for you to watch at home and talk about with your child, they are not compulsory.  Many thanks to Jenna for letting us know about the Blue Peter competition!

Rampaging Romans!


During the Summer term, Year 3 will be enjoying a history led topic all about the Romans.

Please see the curriculum map below to find out more about what the skills that we will be learning and the experiences that we will be enjoying!

Hunter Gatherer

How important was community to people through the Stone Age to the Iron Age? 


In this topic the Historical skills we will focus on are…


  • ask and answer questions
  • identify periods of time in history. 
  • use evidence to learn about the past
  • understand the importance of community to the Stone Age people 
  • understand the changes from the Stone Age period to the Bronze Age period. 
  • understand the importance of community to the Iron Age people.