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Butser Hill

Butser Hill Trip


On the last day of the first term we were fortunate enough to visit the amazing Butser Ancient Farm!

We were blessed with good weather throughout the entire day which we needed because we only had Stone Age shelters and a small fire to keep us warm. We took part in 4 different activities throughout the day: pottery, archaeology, wattling and cordage. It is fairly safe to say we got very muddy but we did have an excellent time! When we returned to school we recorded our favourite parts of the day and what we had discovered.


"We learned what the houses were made out of."


"I really enjoyed building a fence!"


"My favourite part was finding the bones in the archaeology!"


"I enjoyed making the pots."


"I learned the process of making pots."


"I enjoyed finding the bones in the ground and scrubbing it with a toothbrush."


"I enjoyed making the Stone Age style bracelets."


"The archaeology was my favourite part of the day."


"I enjoyed making the types of jewellery."



A collection of photos from our trip to Butser Ancient Farm