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Kinetic letter Animal Shapes

Kinetic Letter Animal Shapes


Nearly every day the children practice kinetic letters.  We always start these sessions by holding our Kinetic Letter Animal Shapes.  These help build the children's core strength.



Penguins 1
Penguins 2

We remind the children how to stand:

Feet slightly apart, tails tucked under, pull up through your tummy, shoulders down, tall neck, stretch your fingers.


Meerkats 1
Meerkats 2


Feet flat, Knees slightly apart, pull up through your legs, tuck your tail under, nice tall tummy,  a tall neck, tuck your elbows in and stretch your fingers forward.

Stone Lion

Stone Lion 1
Stone Lion 2

Stone Lions:

Feet flat,  knees slightly apart, arms straight down, flat back, hands facing forward, looking forward.


Lizard 1
Lizard 2


Feet flat, legs slightly apart, pull up through your legs, stretch through your shoulders, elbows tucked in, fingers facing forward.


Gorillas 1
Gorillas 2


Cross your legs, hands on your knees, nice tall tummy!


Sometimes we see the children raise their shoulders as they stretch so we say "Shoulders up - shoulders down" so they know where to place them.  This is really helping the children with their core strength.