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The power point gives an overview of the curriculum for this year.


Curriculum in detail






Speaking and listening

Phase 4/5 phonics (match graphemes for all phonemes)


Accurately blend sounds


Read very common suffixes (e.g. y, s, es, ies, ed)


Read contractions (it’s) and understand purpose


Read phonics book aloud


Link reading to own experience


Join in with predictable phrases (Once upon a time… fee fi fo fum)


Discuss significance of title and events


Make simple predictions

Name letters of the alphabet


Spell very common exception words (we call these “tricky words”)


Spell days of the week


Use very common prefixes and suffixes (un, ed, ing)


Form lower case, capitals and digits correctly


Compose sentences orally before writing


Read own writing to peers and teachers


Leave spaces between words


Begin to use basic punctuation: . ? !


Use capital letters for proper nouns (Goldilocks, Fareham)


Use common pl and verb suffixes



Listen and respond appropriately


Ask relevant questions


Maintain attention and participate




Number/ calculation

Geometry/ Measure


Read and write numbers to 20


Know number bonds to 20


Identify 1 more and 1 less


Count in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s


Count to/ across 100


Use language of more than and most

Use +, -, = signs


Add and subtract one digit and two digit numbers to 20 including 0


Solve one-step problems, including simple arrays

Use common vocabulary for comparison e.g. heavier, taller, longest, full


Begin to measure length, capacity, weight


Recognise coins and notes


Use time and ordering vocabulary


Tell time to hour/ half hour


Use language of days, weeks, months and years


Recognise and name common 2D and 3D shapes


Order and arrange objects


Describe position and movement, including half and quarter turns

Recognise and use ½ and ¼






Identify basic plants


Identify basic plant parts (roots, flowers, leaves etc)


Identify and compare common animals


Identify and name basic body parts

Distinguish between objects and material


Identify and name common materials


Describe simple properties of some materials


Compare and classify materials

Observe weather associated with changes of season



RE- God Matters Syllabus


Prayer, Saints and Feasts




The Sacraments


Holy Week





Name and locate four countries in United Kingdom and their capital cities using atlases and globes


Identify seasonal/ daily weather patterns in the UK and the location of hot and cold areas of the world


Use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to local and familiar features


Use four compass directions and simple vocabulary

History (Key Stage 1)

Changes in living memory


Lives of significant historical figures, including comparison or those from different periods


Significant local people


Significant events, such as Bonfire Night



Computing (Key Stage 1)

Understand use of algorithms


Write and test simple programs


Use logical reasoning to make predictions


Organise, store, retrieve and manipulate data


Communicate online safely and respectfully


Recognise uses of IT outside of school


Design & Technology (Key Stage 1)

Design purposeful and appealing products


Generate, model and communicate ideas


Use range of tools and materials to complete practical tasks


Evaluate existing products and own ideas


Build and improve structure and mechanisms


Understand where food comes from


Art (Key Stage 1)

Use a range of materials


Use drawing, painting and sculpture


Develop techniques of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space


Learn about a range of craftsmen, artists and designers


PE (KS1)

Master basic movement (running, jumping, throwing, catching, balance agility and coordination)


Participate in team games


Perform dances using simple movement


Music (KS1)

Sing songs


Play tuned and untuned instruments


Listen to and understand live and recorded music


Make and combine sounds musically




A complete record of the Year 1 curriculum is available at, although please be aware that some of the subjects have end of key stage objectives rather than a yearly breakdown in the national curriculum.


If you have any queries about the curriculum or your child's learning please do approach a member of the Year 1 team during Welcome Time.