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Week 4 and 5 - Spring 1 (2024)

Our focus story has been 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children have been taking part in a wide range of activities around the story including a Gingerbread yoga session, using loose parts to decorate gingerbread templates and other such activities.


The children have been very interested in den making. They have used their imaginations and used various resources in the environment including material and clips to design their own dens. The children made dens in all areas and particularly enjoyed the one in the book corner. They shared many books in the den. 


The children made cheese straws with Mrs Breakwell. We ate them for snack time. The children really enjoyed this activity and have asked to do more cooking activities. 


The children have been practising their cutting skills and are making great progress with this. 


We put the blackout tent up, the children used lots of IT resources in the tent and had great fun. 


The new marble run was very popular recently. The children used their imaginations to make different structures. They were very proud of their achievements. 


The children took part in 'Scribble Club'. This is an approach that encourages the children to make marks and comment on them without being asked, 'What is it?' We do not ask this question as sometimes children are just exploring using a range of resources and not drawing anything in particular. It also gives children confidence to make marks such as a green line saying that it is a frog. It encourages them to use their imagination and make up stories about their marks without feeling like they can't draw something. Drawing skills develop over time. An adult works alongside the children, commenting on their own marks. children then start to do the same. 


The teachers and children have had a great half term and look forward to having a lovely week off!