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Week 5&6 - Autumn Term 2023

We have been supporting the children to develop their communication and language skills during the past two weeks. They have learned new language, recalled stories and events and enjoyed our book focus 'Freddie and the Fairy'. The children learned the three rules when talking to someone who has difficulty hearing. Some of the children made fairy wands, fairy biscuits and drew lovely pictures relating to the story. They also completed some activities relating to the senses.


The children used Makaton sign language when singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They have also been learning about rhyming words and initial sounds in their names.  


We went on a nature walk in the school grounds and collected lots of natural resources for our interest table. 


The children explored magnets and used them to develop their subitising skills (recognising quantities without counting). We ask the children, 'What do you see?' and 'How do you see it?' this gives children greater number sense. They explore, for example, that three is made up of other numbers. When shown several objects, the children might say, 'I see a one and another one and another one,' or 'I see a two and a one.' 


Our next area of learning focus will be physical development. Our book focus will be 'Bonfire Night' and 'Remember Remember the Fifth of November'. Our song focus will be 'Tommy Thumb'. We have lots of lovely activities planned and are looking forward to supporting our children in their learning and development.