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Touch Counting 1-5

Key number facts


Count 5 objects, touch counting each object. 

Ask your child to put 5 things in a line to count carefully.

Your child could count cars, lego, dolls, little figures, shoes, clothes, fruit or vegetables, spoons, cups, clothes pegs – anything!

If they struggle – then take turns so they can see and hear how to do it.


Play a board game - they are counting spaces as they move their counter.  Does your child recognise the number straight away on the dice – with dots or with numerals?  Often there are numbers on the board to identify.  How many more spaces until you finish?  What number do you need? 


You put 5 things in a line – which is 1st, 3rd, 5th etc?


Make a line of 2 things, and then a line of 5 –Which is less? Which is more?  How many more?


Remember little and often is best – just 5 minutes each day will really make a difference!