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In Year 1 it is expected that the children read at least 5 times a week at home. This should be recorded in their reading diary and returned to school each day along with the books in the book bag. Your child's reading total will be updated each week for their reading awards.  Their reading book will be changed on a Friday and it is important that they keep their book in their bag so we can read it again in school with them.  This gives the children time to practice their books and gain confidence in their reading.  They will also bring home vocabulary on a Wednesday. The children visit the school library each week and can borrow a book to share from there too.  


Homework is set once a week on a Wednesday and due back the following Wednesday. This consists of spellings and maths facts.



Each week your child will regularly receive about 5 words to learn to spell on a "Look, Cover, Write Check" sheet.  This will help with their reading and writing.



This will include a range of activities to practice mental maths skills.  There will be a short activity to do each of the 5 days as well as daily oral practice. It is really important for your child to become fluent in the given number facts.   Remember, the key is to practice little but often.  We will have 5 each term which we will keep going back to.  This will really help your child to be confident with their maths facts and help them with their learning in school.


In the Autumn half term we are focusing on

  • Counting to 100 starting at 1.
  • Find one more than a given number.
  • Find one less than a given number.
  • Know number bonds to 5.
  • Know number bonds to 10.


It is very easy to assume that your child knows some of these things but just pause and listen carefully - they may not be saying the numbers correctly, e.g. 80 not 18.  Any recording is important as well as your child needs to be able to do these independently!