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Kinetic Letters

Kinetic Letters is a handwriting program that has been adopted throughout the whole school.  It has 4 main strands to help children develop their handwriting:


  • Making Bodies Stronger
  • Holding the pencil
  • Learning the Letters
  • Flow and Fluency


We are right at the start of the journey, so in Reception we are currently focusing on Making our bodies stronger and developing


Pelvic Girdle Strength

Shoulder Girdle Strength

Forearm and wrist Strength

Hand and Finger Strength


The children use animal shapes to help develop their core and shoulder strength.  They have learnt Gorilla (sitting up straight, legs crossed, hands on their knees) and Penguin (standing up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands by their side).


Already the children have been introduced to the 2 little monkeys who will help them visualise how to form the letters and follow large scale movements.   They are Brave Monkey and Scared Monkey.  This week, while learning about the number 1, the children have been practicing going "Down - bump!" to form the number.  



How you can help:

Encourage your child to lay down on their tummy on the floor to play, read or watch telly.  You can  find out more at our parent information workshops over the next few weeks.