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Home Learning 2.11.2023

Read this second book in our handwriting programme about the two monkeys, called Bounce and Skip. Have a go at writing the letters from the 'Jumper Family' (h, n, m, r, b, p), always remembering to start up high at the Brave Monkey Branch (letter 'h'), or lower on the Scared Monkey Branch (letters n, m, r, b, p). Practise your letters on paper using felt tips, pencils, crayons or chalks. Or you might decide to write your letters in a tray of foam, flour or rice!

If you do not have access to any of the above online activities, here are some ideas for you at home:


*Get creative and create some artwork to show a stormy scene.  Look through the window and draw or create what you can see happening outside!  


*Ask a grown up to write numbers 0 to 10 on cards.  Count out toy cars, teddies, or socks to match each number card.  Challenge:  can you put the number cards in order?


*Snuggle up with some books at home and share stories with a family member or a teddy.