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Year 2 Homework Expectations


Your child should bring their reading zippy bag, reading diary and reading books into school every day. It is expected that your child be heard read daily and a comment logged in their diary.  Reading diaries will be checked daily by an adult in school.  Books will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned the following Friday



Your child will bring their homework book home each Tuesday. This will contain their spellings and sentence homework, their maths fact to learn that week and an inference/vocabulary activity.  Homework books should then be handed in the following Monday.

  • Spellings

Your child will receive up to 5 spellings each week on a ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ sheet.  Your child is expected to write a sentence for each spelling.  They may choose to write a sentence each day. 

  • Maths

A set of maths fact activities will come home each week and its aim is to help your child become fluent in number facts.  Parents may wish to create similar style questions/activities.  Regular short bursts will really help to consolidate the facts. 


In year 2, the key number facts are:

  • recite number bonds to 10 and 20
  • know doubles and halves of numbers to 20
  • be able to count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • identify the tens digit or ones digit in a 2 digit number


  • Inference

A picture linked to our class topic, will be sent home, alongside a variety of questions.  This task is to encourage your child to think on a deeper level and to explain their thinking.  


  • Vocabulary

A set of synonyms will be sent home for you and your child to discuss.  As the year progresses, your child will be expected to apply their understanding of the words in sentences. 


At the beginning of every half term, the children will have 6 activities to choose from based around our curriculum theme. This is usually due back into school during the last week of term, for your child to present to the class.  The dates are below in the 'attachment slip'.  A copy can also be found in your child's homework book.