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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Meet our Year 4 Team, we are looking forward to working with you and your children this year.

Welcome to Year 4!


 End of the Year



As we come to the end of another school year, there is so much to reflect on.

This term has been very busy as usual. . In this, the Year of Mercy, the class enjoyed a visit to St. John's Cathedral with KS2 and later shared their class liturgy with their parents, praying for the starving and hungry around the world. They also participated in the Year 4 and 5 mass, reading the bidding prayers and some children singing the psalm to the congregation. 

In the final days of the term the children, the class took part in 'The Best of Both Worlds' alongside the rest of Key Stage 2 and excelled themselves, learning the words to many difficult songs and did indeed 'Dig a little deeper' when they learnt actions to perfom as they sang. It is lovely to see how they have grown and matured over the year and are now ready to meet the new challenges of Year 5.  

Fun at Fareham


Over the last few weeks Years 3 and 4 have had P.E. lessons from the Everyone Active team, yesterday the sessions ended with fun races and competitions at the leisure centre as you can see below.

Anglo saxon Homework


Thank you once again to everyone for the wonderful homework presentations the children have shared with the class. We have seen an array of shields, word searches and maps accompanied by detailed powerpoints. There was even a model anglo saxon dwelling which iincluded such detail as the bag to dry the meat in!

Learning all about our teeth.

In Science lessons this term we are learning about our teeth. We have counted our own teeth and looked at them in a mirror then we decided to make a clay replica of the bottom set of teeth using the model to guide us. It was very tricky to make sure we had the correct number which were the right size!
 As we came to the end of our Easter topic in R.E. the children watched a short clip about the Ascension and decided to compose and play music to accompany the film. They worked in small groups with the instruments of their choice and played their composition to the class.

As we approach the end of term, as part of the events of Holy Week the children led the school in a thoughtful and reflective liturgy about the Last Supper. They worked together to present the liturgy and understand the story.


This week the class have shared the work they have completed on their projects about rivers. The variety of projects was very impressive with poems, pictures, powerpoint presentations and models shared and explained to the class. Several children made very detailed model beaver dams while others shared information about the animal's life on the river. Thank you to everyone for the support given to the children.

I wish you all an enjoyable and peaceful Easter holiday.



     On Wednesday we had an interesting and informative trip to the Gilbert White Field Studies Centre in Selborne. where we were able to see the river formations we  had been discussing in class. The weather was kind and the rain held off until the journey home so we were able to carry out all the experiments in the river and enjoy the afternoon walk in the woods.

From Source to Sea


The children have finished presenting their half term projects and it is clear how much work they have put in and how interested they are in the topic. We have learnt about otters, kingfishers and beavers as well as the River Nile. Others have taken the opportunity to make dams, paint and draw pictures and write poems. Here are a few of the examples.




A river blue and green

Flowing down a long stream


Fishes swimming up and down

Eating what can be found


Plants swaying with the flow

Beautifully dancing with a sparkly glow


Deep down under the river

Some people say it shivers.


By Lucy Gargett

Can you hear me?




As we completed our Science topic on Sound the children have enjoyed making their own telephones. They wanted to investigate whether their voices would travel along a piece of string and tested different lengths. Everyone was amazed at how clearly they could hear the voices of their partner.



Finding out about the Romans!