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In Reception we follow the same curriculum as your child had in Nursery.  You might find the following document helpful - as the year goes on the children will be working within the 40-60 month age bracket and working towards the Early Learning Goals.  Look through to find the relevant pages - it explains what you might see and how you can help your child.  Try the link below - we hope you find it helpful.  
We follow the children's interests and plan to cater for their needs to make the learning as exciting and enticing as we can.  Take a look at what we've been up to.  
We are well into Autumn.  When we were getting ready for Harvest the children couldn't keep their hands off the pumpkins we had brought in for our Harvest display.  Some of the children have already been to visit Pumpkin fields -  Helen Cooper's book Pumpkin soup will be kicking off this next interest!
We knew from our home visits and visiting the children at their pre-schools how many of them loved dinosaurs, so we decided to kick off the year with Dinosaurs.  As part of our work on creation in RE the children loved seeing the chickens and caring for them so we developed this further.  See the learning that went on behind it all.