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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1's class page

*** We travelled back in time nearly 200 years on Wednesday! Look under 'Victorian Day' tab***



Welcome back for Spring half term 2

We have got off to a bright start on our first day back, despite the weather. The rain did not stop us collecting sticks and measuring these up to be our wands for the week. We are starting off the term by celebrating World Book Week with a theme the children voted for- books about witches. We are looking at the Winnie the Witch books by Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas and have been enjoying making gruesome potions in the role play corner. For the rest of the term we will be focusing on new life in animals and chicks and the signs of Spring that we see around us.


Thank you to parents for coming in to read to us!

World Book week has been full of excitement for us. The children have loved visiting Waterstones to use their Book Tokens and hearing Paul Geraghty talk about his books. He told us how he writes them and a lot about his fascinating life growing up in South Africa in 'the Bush'. A big thank you to all of the parents who came in to share stories with us today. That was a lovely way to end the day and the children really appreciated hearing all the stories you brought in.


We are looking out for:

Any unwanted school uniform, including PE kit, you are welcome to bring this into school as we are often able to make use of the spare clothes.

Cardboard for junk modelling, such as cereal boxes, egg boxes or kitchen roll tubes.


The Magical Christmas Journey

The children did really well in our Christmas play this year "The Magical Christmas journey".  

The Magical Christmas Journey

Christmas Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came and helped with our Christmas workshop on Friday. The children had a fantastic time and it wouldn't have been possible to make so many lovely crafts without your help. More pictures to come but in the meantime here is one of Santa's merry little helpers.


Merry Christmas to all our school family.


The fire service education team paid us a visit... and they brought their fire engine!

We had a lovely day at Bursledon Windmill. First we looked at the 'grain chain'- the journey that grain takes in order to become the flour that we use to make bread with. This closely mirrors the story of the Little Red Hen that we have been learning and it was interesting to see the instruments that were used when the windmill was first built. We all had a go at grinding the corn with two different methods. Both of them were very hard work and we all agreed it was a good job that windmills started to do a lot of the grinding for us. The children also enjoyed winnowing the corn. That was where the cut corn is put in large baskets and tossed in the air so that everything but the seeds is blown away in the breeze.


Inside the windmill we had to be very careful of the equipment and very brave about the narrow stairways. Lots of the children started off being nervous on the stairs or on the outside viewing platform but everybody went to every part of the windmill and could be very proud for doing that. On top of the windmill we could even see the Isle of Wight!

We have really enjoyed digging and gardening this week, finding some buried treasure hidden in the soil and using lots of gross motor skills. The children have loved finding wiggly worms and we noticed that they all looked quite different. We found a website and tried to decide what type of worms they all were. Cormac even said "they are all species of worms!" Here is a link to the gallery that we used, in case you want to try and identify worms in your garden or the park. 

Wiggly worms!

Settling into Year 1!