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Science Week 

The children were given a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Maths) challenge to create a 30-second timer with resources from around the school.  The children's first thoughts were to create a type of marble run and change the angles of the 'run' so that they could get it as close to 30 seconds as possible.  Some children thought about using the technology part of STEM alongside their coding knowledge to make a digital timer.  They had a lot of fun participating in the challenge, and were resilient when overcoming difficulties.  

This half term, year 6's science unit is Evolution and Inheritance.  We were all very lucky to visit the Search Museum on Tuesday, and the children took part in a number of activities to explore this interesting topic.  The children were thoroughly engaged in the session and, as usual, were impeccably behaved; they listened carefully to the information and asked interesting and relevant questions.  

Our first science unit is Light.  

The children are learning about how light travels, and how we see things. 

They explored how shadows are made and were able to use the correct vocabulary to explain that light cannot pass through opaque materials, meaning shadows are cast.  We will be exploring this further by measuring the height and direction of our shadows at different times of the day.  

The children then explored how to prove that light travels in straight lines, and that it can't bend around a corner - unless...

This is our next experiment.