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Please find below the topic homework for the Summer Term

Here is the list of spellings for this week.

Given out 14th April, to be tested 21st April. 

The children all know that they have to write 10 spelling sentences.

3 simple, 3 compound, 3 complex and 1 other of their choice. 

Some children write very interesting sentences and make an effort to spell their spelling words correctly in them - so a big thank you to those children; however, a number of children either do not complete their sentences at all or, if they do complete them, make no effort at all to spell any of the words correctly - even the ones they are meant to be learning that week - or punctuate the sentences accurately.  Please encourage your child to put more effort into learning their spellings and writing sentences that meet year 5 expectations. 

After marking the spelling sentences this week, it was clear that a lot of children did not really know what the words meant.  I have asked them many times to ensure that they look up the meaning in a dictionary as it's no use knowing how to spell a word if you don't know how to use it in a sentence.  If you could supervise this at home it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you for your support.

Mrs McKnight