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Ancient Egypt


During the Autumn Term, Year 4 shall be learning all about the Ancient Egyptians.  The topic is lead by our History curriculum, however we shall incorporate building our scientific knowledge about the digestive system and human teeth through our exploration of the mummification process.  We plan to use our art lessons to research Egyptian art and architecture.  This will enable us to develop our drawing, painting and sculptural skills using a variety of mediums.  Part of our enquiry into the significance of the River Nile, shall allow us to explore maps and research human and physical geography of countries outside of Europe.  

The Dark Ages - The Anglo-Saxon, Scots and Vikings


During the Spring Term we will set about exploring what is known as 'The Dark Ages' of British History.  Our enquiry will begin with questioning and research about why the Romans left Britain. Our knowledge will develop around who invaded and why? Where did they travel from? How did they travel? How did they live? What impact did they have on Britain.... a well rounded understanding including positive and negative impact.