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Week beginning Monday 28th February 2022

The children enjoyed eating pancakes this week! They listened to stories about pancakes and learned that the day is known as 'Shrove Tuesday' and 'Pancake Day'. The children also learned the Makaton sign for pancake. They talked about the ingredients that were used to make pancakes and watched Mrs Ray use her pancake maker to make us all a lovely snack! The children had a selection of toppings to eat and could later recall how the pancakes were made and the ingredients that were used. 


Our focus story this week and next week is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Mrs Cantillon read the story and had a puppet of a caterpillar that turned into a butterfly. The children each took a piece of food for the caterpillar to eat. As Mrs Cantillon read the story, the children had to bring their food to the caterpillar and put it in its mouth when they heard the name of their food. The children were quickly able to remember the food that the caterpillar ate and how many of each item. They used their subitising skills to discover how many of each piece of fruit was eaten at the start of the story and used their fingers to represent the number. The children worked hard to think of different ways to represent the number such as holding up one finger on one hand and two fingers on another understanding that 1+2=3. We talked about how the total would always remain the same. The children also learned some new Makaton signs including 'hungry' and 'caterpillar'. 


We have been practising doing lots of different movements to develop the children's gross motor skills. One of the ways that we develop these skills is to use 'flipper flappers' which are pieces of material that the children move in a range of ways. They have been practising the movement and phrase, 'Up, down, side to side, cross over.' They have also moved their arms and hands in circles both clockwise and anticlockwise. Activities such as these, help to develop pre-writing skills as children are able to gain control of their bodies and build muscles in their shoulders, arms and hands.


As it was World Book Day on Thursday, we have been talking about our favourite stories. Some children brought in their favourite books to read from home. The children were fantastic at recalling stories and could answer questions from their friends and teachers such as, 'What happened next?'. 


The children went on a welly walk. They found some minibeasts and talked about how many they could see of each type. The children enjoyed running up and down the field playing racing and chasing games with their friends. They banged sticks on the tree stumps, Mrs Ray asked them if they could play loud, quiet etc. She also held a stick out and asked the children to go over and then under the stick. They responded to the instructions and listened well.