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Week beginning Monday 23rd November 2020

During this week, the children have taken part in a wide range of activities including: 


  • Listening to stories and recalling what happened. They have also be learning to predict what might happen next. 
  • Learning to recognise shapes using resources such as Tap Tap, puzzles, games on the interactive board and using craft resources. 
  • Water play activities. We attached tubing, funnels, connecters etc. to the water tray stand. The children predicted where the water would come out.
  • Making models using natural resources. 
  • Playing 'What's missing?' during small group work. The children were very good at remembering what was taken away. They also learned some new signs to communicate. 
  • Singing songs including Christmas songs. The children have remembered the words and actions of our new songs. 
  • Making pizza. The children had their own bowls of ingredients and made individual pizzas. They enjoyed eating these at snack time!
  • Matching numeral and quantity together using natural resources. 
  • Playing with the tents and torches. 
  • Playing on the school field and going on 'wellie walks'. 
  • Learning independence skills such as putting their own coats on, doing zips and putting their shoes on and taking them off when changing into their wellies.