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Week beginning Monday 14th March 2022

The staff and children enjoyed the sunshine this week. We spent a lot of time outside, we have been on wellie walks and had snack outside. 


Our book focus is 'The Very Happy Hen'. Our song focus is 'Old MacDonald'. The children enjoyed learning about animals. They have been learning the names of the adult and young of each animal. They have also been doing the Makaton signs for the animals. We have had a lot of parents commenting on how many signs their children now know, which is lovely to hear! The Makaton signs are used together with the words and helps to develop communication skills. We have noticed that the children are remembering more new words when they are accompanied by the Makaton sign as this helps to make connections in learning. 


The children watched video clips of chicks hatching from eggs using a time elapse video link. They have been very interested in this. The children have been learning about chickens and how the adult female is called a hen who lays eggs and the adult male is called a rooster. They are becoming confident to talk about the life cycle and have learned new language as a result. 


The children have been talking about who likes eating eggs, we decided to have boiled eggs and toast for snack one day which the children really enjoyed and asked to have it again! 


The children played lots of games about shapes. Some children are working on identifying each shape whilst others are talking about the similarities and differences between shapes. 


Through doing lots of work on developing children's gross and fine motor skills, we have discovered that we have some amazing young artists in pre-school. There have been lots of mark making activities going on as usual this week, the children have either taken home their fantastic work or have displayed it in their 'My Space' in pre-school. Each child has their own 'My Space' part of a display board where we display children's work and photographs to celebrate their skills and progress. 


The children enjoyed the skittles game. They worked as a team, making the rules and talking about how many they knocked down and how many more they needed to get. They used lots of lovely mathematical language through play. One child was using our new walkie talkies, he was talking to his friend in the other room and was telling him the score!


We are looking forward to some more lovely weather next week! 


Mrs Cantillon, Mrs Breakwell and Mrs Ray