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Week beginning Monday 13th June 2022

The children have been busy this week making their Father’s Day cards and paintings. They also answered some questions about their dads talking about their names, ages, likes, dislikes etc. We had some very funny answers that kept Mrs Breakwell, Mrs Holland and I amused! 


As we had such lovely weather, we spent a lot of time outside. We tried to go in the shade where we could which led us to a lovely walk behind the trees on the school field. We have been teaching mathematical concepts outside. We collected a wide range of leaves and compared and sorted them according to colour/shade of colour, size, shape etc. The children also collected sticks and twigs and compared them talking about who had the biggest and smallest stick. They also compared them to their own height. The children compared the piles of leaves and sticks and looked at which pile had the most/fewest. We talked about how many we would have if we had one more or one less and represented this on fingers. The children are naturally using their subitising skills, pointing out objects in the environment and representing the number in different ways, understanding that the total remained the same.  


The children took part in lots of water activities including painting the walls and fences with water, using the funnels and plastic tubing and playing with the water toys including squirters and water bombs. They also added water to the mud kitchen and 'made' cakes and drinks. 


The children played ball games on the field including football, bats and balls, hula hoops and frisbees. They are getting very good at creating their own games and explaining the rules to their friends. 


The children have done lots of mark making outside with sticks, mud and chalks. They have also been mark making inside taking part in activities such as finger painting and writing their names in their Father's Day cards. 


We have been exploring emotions this week. The children have enjoyed listening to the Colour Monster story and songs. They also learned some Makaton signs for different emotions and talked about how they were feeling. We will continue to explore this next week.