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Week beginning May 4th

Here is another resource for VE Day from the Royal Navy Royal Marine Charity website. 
Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to get more resources for VE Day. 


May is one of the months we dedicate to Mary, so I would like you to have a look at the resources I have uploaded to remind yourself how to pray The Rosary.  One of them is aimed more at KS1, but you might want to look at that as well.  The PDF document is more for your parents to read for information, and the resource to create an altar for Mary is obviously intended for school; however, there's no reason you couldn't create one at home. 

I would like you to pray.  Prayer is powerful.  Dedicate some time out of your day to pray The Rosary and pray for someone you love, for something you want God's help with, to say thank you or to ask for forgiveness.  

Have a go at making your own Rosary using natural materials.  Research some of the mysteries, write your own prayer and illustrate it.  Perhaps re-write one of the prayers you say during The Rosary and illustrate that.  We could make a prayer book to Mary when we get back to school.  



I will keep including the pages right from the beginning of lock-down, so you can keep practising.  I know I keep on, but it is so important.  If you can crack these high frequency word spellings, homophones and yr 5/6 spelling list, it will prepare you so well for yr 6. Don't give up.  I have included a new document which gives you different ways to learn spellings if you find them tricky.  

Remember, it's not just about knowing how to spell them, it's also about knowing what the words mean and how to use them in context.  

I have every faith in you...

Here is a word list from Mrs Lindsey for you to revise.  It's about word origins.


The sheet gives you and you family games and ideas to promote discussion and extend your vocabulary.  Have a go and have fun.  

I have included reading unit for you to have a go at.  The story is called A Sprinkle of Sorcery.  Read the first few pages of the document first and follow the instructions.  Don't do too much each day and read the extract more than once.  

Let me know how you get on.  


Monday - 

This is an Nrich problem for you to try.  It's called Maze 100.  You can access the nrich website, search for Maze 100 and then, when you've tried hard, your parents can access the solution page to find out the different responses.  

Good luck 

Daily starters for this week and the answers for last week.
Here's a couple of sheets to complete about your experiences in lock-down.  


I've included the same resources as last week, so you can continue.  No rush.  Take photos - if you can - to chart your progress. 


This week marks a very special date - 8th May.  It is VE Day - Victory in Europe Day.  Explore what happened on this day 1945 and try and imagine how it must have felt to know that the war, which had been raging for 6 years, was coming to an end.  What a relieve that must have been for everyone.  

If things had been different, the school would have been marking this day with celebrations and a party, so why don't you and your family celebrate at home. 

Create a tea party, make bunting, sing songs and celebrate.  

here are some links for you to access some resources: