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week beginning 8th June

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all feeling okay and spending quality time at home.  Are you managing to do some exercise each day?  Even is you get out for a walk, please do, as it will make you feel better.  I hope you are all accessing the home learning and continuing to do as much as you feel able.  I have made sure I have put up the High Frequency Word spelling lists each week, so you can carry on improving your accuracy of these words.  This is the ideal time to knuckle down and get them learned.  It will make such a difference to your confidence when you return.  

I have been reading some really good books over the past couple of weeks, so if you can get your hands on the titles, I really recommend them.  

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (there's 5 or 6 in the series)  I've read two and they are fab.

The other book is Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone.  It's a great read.  

Don't forget to look at the music resources Mrs Crane has put on the class pages.  She has included some assembly songs.

Take care

Maths this week is about reflecting and translating 2d shapes. 

When you reflect a shape you have to draw the original shape as though it were reflected through what is known as a mirror-line.  

When you translate a shape, it is as though you are sliding it from one position to another following the instructions given.  So, you might be asked to translate a shape 2 places to the right and 1 place down.  To do this, you need to select one corner of the shape and count 2 places to the right and then slide it 1 place down.  Then draw the 'new' shape.    Make sure you read the instructions carefully.  Do your best.


Here are the spelling resources again.  Please keep using them to improve your spellings.  They may seem easy when you look at them now, but many of them are spelt incorrectly in your writing.  You have got to try and get out of bad habits, such as using of/off incorrectly, including a second h in with (whith), using where instead of were etc

Keep going with the Shipwreck adventure story and remember to re-read, edit and improve.  

Write passages using these synonyms


As part of our geography we would have been exploring atlases and maps.  If you have access to an atlas and/or map, start by having a look at some of the pages that interest you.  Identify different features the maps show and whether there is a key.  if you have a globe, have a look at how much water there is on the planet - it is quite amazing.  

If you are able, explore google earth so you can begin to have a knowledge of different places in the world.  

Then, have a really good look at your garden, a local place you visit - the park, the seafront, wherever you go for walk, or even a room in your house and draw a map of the features.