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Week Beginning 8.6.20

Dear all


We hope you've had a good week.  We are thinking of you and hope you are all keeping safe and well.  As the children settle back into school we are continuing to focus on mindful activities, and using the Mindful Monsters as our starting point in school.



Everyday start with a phonics run through.  

This week our focus will be revising the vowel sounds, lots of children can get slightly confused between them and putting time in now really helps! 

Use the kinetic paper and crib sheet , they can be found on our very first home learning page 23.3.20 if you need to print them out again.

Start by asking your child to practice the letter of the day, saying the little phrase.  If your child finds this hard then do it in shaving foam, mud outside, or flour or sugar on a chopping board.


If your child finds it easy then I have put a second line so your child can be challenged with harder words using the same vowel; they could then have a go at writing a short sentence.  


Do one line below each day: 


Monday: a - ask your child to write the following words  man mad ham jam Sam. 

For extra challenge extend it by asking them to write the following:

and sand gran grab glad pram swam drag  crash

Sentences to write:  She was glad.

That pram went crash!


Tuesday: i  - ask your child to write the following words  in pin fig pip mix big wig pig Jim. 

If they find this easy then ask them to write slip flip spin twin wing wink chip ship think 

For an extra challenge ask them to write the following sentences:

Jim has a pig with a wig!

My twin can spin.


Wednesday: o - ask your child to write the following words  

on dog dot god got top tom  pot pod

If they find this easy then ask them to write frog stop spot plop blob slob clog flop from  frog clock  posh frock gold lost

For an extra challenge ask them to write the following sentences:

I can spot a frog.

He has got a green frog.

She has got a posh frock!


Thursday:  u - ask your child to write the following words  

cup cut but bud bun cub jug bus

If they find this easy then ask them to write plum slug club grub spun chuck such chug

For an extra challenge ask them to write the following sentences:

The van will chug up the long hill.

They are in such a rush!



Try and do one or 2 of these sections each day:

Think about 12 - count out 12 things, 
Find it on the number line,
Order numbers to 12
Read them in and out of order
Make it with numicon

Put it out as counters on no line – what do we know – it’s 10  then count on 11,12,13
Order numbers to 12


What do we know about 12?  10 and 2 more –  How is 12 and 20  different?  Show your child on a tape measure.  Can they put out 2 lines of counters on the number line to 12 and 20?  Which is more?  Which is less?
How far does 12 steps look like?  
Use a timer for 12 seconds - how many times can they jump / star jump / tuck jump / tuck jump from ground.  Can you think of any more shapes or things you could do?  Pegs on the washing line, beads in a  pot?


Put 12 on no line – 1 more / less, 2 more / 2 less
Writing 12 – Start at 1, put 12 at other end of your strip of paper – where would 10 go?  5?  3? 11? Etc – then your child can fill in the gaps to make the rest of the number line.


Think about the number 6 - what is double 6?

What is half of 6?

if we have 6 sweets - how can we share them out?



Use your numicon to find different ways to make 6.  (See Tapestry on Wednesday morning for this activity)

Take a piece of A4 and fold it into 6 - in each square your child can draw each of the ways to make 6, recording it just like the numicon.  Can they add numbers.  Talk through the symbols.  

 Can they Go on the  ISEEMATHS website


Go to Free Resources: Early Number Sense and open Make 6 -

Can they fill in the sheet?



We are continuing to look at Mindful Monsters this week.  Choose an activity each day to do from the pack - I'll add some to Tapestry so you can choose throughout the week.

Can you make models of the Characters - use junk, playdough - anything and ask your child to write something about them.



We are thinking about the story of Noah's Ark.  Make a rainbow using salt dough and bake it.  Can you hang it up somewhere.  Talk again about what this symbol means as a sign of God's love for everyone.



Please practice the hand washing song on Tapestry together. 

Follow the link to Out of the Ark -  we will be learning a new songs this week in school:

Scroll down to the first section In it together, then scroll down to the song Wake up.  the children in school have been really enjoying the songs.

Have a look on Mrs Crane's music page for some great song choices to learn.



Can your child have a go at skipping?

Have a look at twinkl for some ideas

This week we will be using Cosmic Yoga.  We will be looking at the calming playlist

Twilight the unicorn and Tommy the bedtime turtle.  The children really enjoyed Cosmic yoga "We're going on a bear hunt" last week.  Explore the episodes your child would like to choose - but we are going for ones that are about 15 minutes!


I hope you have a good week.  Keep adding your learning to tapestry - it's great to see what you've been up to. 

Take care dear ones!

Mrs North