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week beginning 6th July

Hello everyone

Another week gone and we're in July.  Who would have thought we'd be apart for this long.  You're almost yr 6s! Well done to those of you who have been continuing your home-learning; you will reap the benefits when you return to school and be ready for all that year 6 learning.  

I hope you're getting some exercise every day and enjoying each others' company at home.  

Your home-learning this week is to continue the tasks you've started in previous weeks, remembering that any written work you've done needs to be re-read and edited for improvements.  Next week might be ideal time to go back to your Shipwreck work to see if you can improve on it.  Also, have another look at the Roman project work you've done; can you add anything to make it more engaging for the reader?

Keep reading challenging texts, practising your maths facts and learning those tricky spellings.  

Take care. 

Writing. Follow the instructions. Spend all week drafting and improving and exploring language before deciding on your finished piece of writing.

RE - Sacraments Please continue from last week.