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Week beginning 6.7.2020

Hello There!


Here is another week of home learning - and I hope it finds you safe and well, and able to dodge the showers!



This week in phonics - as usual start with a quick run through the sounds.  Then use the following:

Before your child starts writing the words, ask them to write the short date (eg 6.7.20)  - write it on a separate sheet for them to copy.

When your child writes the words, make sure the letters sit on the line correctly.  

Ask your child to write along the line, leaving a small space for 2 letters (we do not say finger space); they should then have a go at writing a short sentence.   When writing the sentence - ask your child to check their work -

Can they put the sound buttons on to check they've used their sounds correctly? 

Have they got a capital letter? 

Have they got a full stop? 

Have they got spaces between their words? 


Do one sound below each day: 


Monday: ay - ask your child to write the following words along the line, leaving a space between each word:

may say way play clay pray spray

Extend your child by asking them to write the following sentences :

May I play? 

Can she stay?


Tuesday: ar - Ask your child to write the following words  

bar car far jar park bark card shark


Ask them to write the following sentences:

Is the park far?

Can you zoom in a car?

Is the moon far off? 

Will six sheep fit in a car?


Wednesday: ow - Ask your child to write the following words  

low blow slow flow snow grow

Ask them to write the following sentences:

Blow the snow! 

Go with the flow!



Thursday: or - Ask your child to write the following words  

For sort  fort worn short sport 

Ask them to write the following sentences:

Ships in port.

See that torch.

There are great phonics game for practicing these sounds on ICT games.  Have a look at - Phonics Bingo - if you don't have a printer then just ask your child to read the words when they "pull" the red lever.  Try sight word games on there - High frequency word Bingo and Dinosaur Eggs games.



This week we are continuing to look at Errol's Garden.  You might want to look for some ideas in the folder below:


This week can you make number lines together?  Can you make them inside and outside?

use them for games - can you find 1 more / 1 less?  Roll a dice and jump / hop backwards and forwards - where do you land?  Can you use it to make doubles?

Can you miss one out and count in 2s?


Have a look at White Rose Maths Early years Summer learning Week 3 and enjoy some of these lovely activities around "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.


Can you go on a butterfly hunt?  Can you use books and the internet to find out about butterflies?  The caterpillars in school are really growing!  Every day we have been measuring them.

How are your seeds doing?  Our sunflowers have germinated in school!  Soon we will be able to measure them as well.


Keep us posted with the lovely things you do - put them on Tapestry.


Have a good week!

Keep safe dear ones!

Mrs North