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Week Beginning 4.5.20

Hello there everybody!


I hope you are all well, and have been keeping busy this week.  It's been lovely to see all the fabulous things you've been doing at home.  This week the country will be celebrating 75 years since VE day, so I've tried to put together things to help you get ready for preparing for your own "Stay at home Street party".    There are some fantastic ideas from Bletchley Park

Have a look too on their instagram page - it's fascinating.  Learn some of the songs in the pack.

You might like to follow the link to make your own war time recipes, or have a look at their powerpoint all about VE day



Why not learn to Lindy hop just like the Americans did in the 1940s at 

Have a look at the songs Mrs Crane has  her own Class page for music, and she's put on for War time songs for you to learn.  Why not sing and dance along!



Write  a list of things you would like to do for your party, and a list of what you will need.



Head over to Oxford Owl for their free  e-books

"The Big carrot" 



Please use the video on Tapestry to run through a quick dash of all the sounds so your child can keep practicing.  

You could practice the following sounds this week; sound out the words - without looking at them - just to practice blending the sounds together, write them down for your child to read, and then they can have a go at writing them.

v - vet van vat

ll - doll ill bell well hill Bill still

zz - buzz fuzz fuzzy

ay - say  may  day way play clay spray

ow - low  slow  show  blow snow


Some of these sounds are hard!  So keep the sound mat in front of your child for them to refer to.  It's also a good idea to keep that particular sound card out in front of them - this will help them focus on the sounds and blending them together.


If your child wants a challenge then ask them to write a little sentence with the sounds they've used:

Go and see the vet.

He will go up the hill.

The big bee can buzz.

May I play with Bill.

Show me the snow.


You could make up your own too if you want to.



Think about doubles.  Can you use the numicon to make a number line of doubles.  Or use lego bricks to make two sets of the same number. 

Can you draw it and add the numbers?

Roll  a dice - can you double the number you've rolled - if not, get some counters and work it out.  



In school we would be thinking about the empty cross to remember that the Bible says Jesus came back to life.  Last years Reception class made it out of daisies altogether.  Can you get outside and make a cross  - you could use daisies in the grass, or sticks.  You can use anything.  Send me a picture - I'd love to see it. 


I hope you have a good week.  I wonder what you'll do this week.  Keep uploading your pictures and videos onto Tapestry - I love to see them.  I hope you enjoy a "Stay at home VE Day" celebration with your families.


Keep safe

Mrs North