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Week beginning 31/01/22

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week. The children really enjoyed taking part in the activities and learning new facts. They watched video clips of families celebrating Chinese New Year and learned the meaning behind different traditions. They watched video clips of dragon dances and also did their own dragon dance with the school dragon. We played Chinese music and the children danced to this both inside pre-school and outside in the playground. The children made lanterns, collage pictures, fans and tigers as it is the year of the tiger. They also had Chinese food for snack each day this week including rice, noodles, prawn crackers and spring rolls. The children made a cherry blossom tree and we displayed it on our window. We were very lucky to have one of our pre-school families give us advice and suggestions on what we could do with the children and share how they celebrate Chinese New Year at home.


Mrs Ray has been absent for part of this week. We have been lucky to have some of the school staff working with us in her absence. The children enjoyed getting to know the school staff and the staff said that they really enjoyed their time in pre-school. They thought that our children were very independent and were a lovely group of children. Our children taught them lots of Makaton signs and showed them their many talents! Mrs Breakwell and I were very proud of our children and thought that they coped very well with the changes. 


During our hall session, the children enjoyed playing with the parachute. They took it in turns to swop places and run under the parachute when it was lifted up in the air. The children also took turns to sit in the middle as we walked around them and then pulled the parachute out to make them spin!