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Week beginning 30th March

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Dear Year 6,

I hope you are all well and adjusting to all the changes you have had. You all did brilliantly last week, and I am sure you are continuing to be the very best person you can be in these circumstances. Remember too, to look out for all the positive things: feeling all that sun on your skin; noticing all the flowers that are starting to bloom; and listening out for all the birds and wildlife that now seem to be around in abundance.


Carry on investigating the effect of exercise on pulse rate. You could perhaps graph the resting and after exercise pulse rate of whoever is in your household. Whose goes up the most/least- why might this be? What type of exercise causes your pulse to rise the most? Or, is it how long that you exercise for that is more important?


Continue with the pack sent home. If you have completed this, or for something extra, there is a daily online lesson at    Please go to the Year 6 tab, you will find an online tutorial and then some questions for you to try. This week was ratio and scale factors which will be good revision for you.

Also make sure you know all the Year 6 maths facts and all times tables and associated division facts


See the links on the original post


As before, story writing using the picture prompts on the Pobble 365 link. I really would consider keeping a diary too- I’ve started one!

Additional challenge: 100 words. You have to use exactly (!) 100 words and you have to include these five words They should all be in your writing but can be in any order. They are:

banana   red   heavy   jumped   damaged


Read something every day


Research one country in Central America and find a way to present your findings. You could present to your family, make a poster, record a video or something else creative!


We are approaching the Easter unit of study

Thomas, the apostle, is better known as ‘Doubting Thomas’. Read his story in John 20:19-29 (in a bible or on and consider these: Was Thomas right or wrong to disbelieve at first that Christ had risen from the dead? Is doubt ever helpful?


Just keep active! Aim to be exercising and active for 60 minutes Whether it’s Joe Wicks in the morning or obstacle courses in the garden in the afternoon!

For fun (after some school work) :

My nephew and I have been doing some art challenges on line then sending each other photos of our efforts. You just need a felt-tip or pencil and some paper. Most videos take about ten minutes.

Why not have a family challenge? Or send me a picture of one you have done? You can email me ( to ask about your work, ask for further ideas of things to keep you busy and learning or simply to let me know what you have been doing. (Please check with your parents that they are happy for you to do this first.)


Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers,


Miss Crouch

Here is my attempt at Mario from art hub for kids!