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Week beginning 30th March

Dear year 5 

I hope you are all well and have been able, as much as possible, to enjoy the sunshine. One positive way of thinking about the situation in the world at the moment is that we have been given the gift of time, something many of us - especially adults - complain we don't have enough of.  So, make the most of this time to savour and appreciate the small things in life that perhaps you miss on a day-to-day basis. When you are taking the opportunity to go for a walk with your parents, take the time to appreciate the wonders of nature.  Listen to the birds, see if you can begin to recognise each type of bird's song - become a bird watcher! Make a tally of the birds you spot and research more about their life cycle.  Look out for trees budding with blossom - can you spot any nests in the branches? Find out what the trees are called and look closely at each different tree's bark - make a note of how it differs.  Sit for a while and listen and watch for insects.  Count how many butterflies you see and draw their beautiful wings.  How many bumble bees do you see laden with early spring pollen? Imagine how busy their lives are.  Research bees and their lives, I think you'll find it fascinating.  If you can, lie on the grass and look at the sky.  What shapes do the clouds make?  Can you draw them?   Imagine the planets we learned about last half term and how far way they are rotating on their axis and orbiting the sun.  

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, ask your parents if you can look after a small patch.  Dig it over and take out any weeds.  Even if you haven't got a garden, maybe someone could give you a plant pot and some soil.  If you can, plant some seeds or bulbs and watch them grow.  You might even be able to grow some vegetables.  When the plant is growing, draw a picture of it each week and take note of the difference in the leaves and the height of the stem. 

Remember, year 5, you have to find ways to entertain yourself when you're at home.  Just think, it will be like stepping back in time to my childhood!! Not many generations are able to really step back in time to experience a previous one.  How lucky are you! I have told you in class that I think children need to be bored, and now you're going to be able to experience that.  However, through boredom comes imagination and invention.  I doubt we'd even had heard of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin or Charlotte Bronte if they had been able to play X Box, Playstation, ipads or instagram (if you don't know who those amazing authors are ... research them!) and I doubt the television, train or telephone would have been invented either.  (Who did invent them?  Find out and write about them). Write a detailed diary to remember what it was like to live through this.  Make a note of things you do everyday - which TV programmes you watched, what books you read, what you saw on your walk etc.  When you're as old as me you'll be able to read it and remember.  

I have put some home learning and challenges for you to try and if you want to email me any work this is my email address.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and be kind to each other.  

Speak to you soon.

Mrs McKnight

Dear Mums, Dads, Carers

I hope you are all well.

Please be assured that any time you are spending with your children, whether it be chatting, playing board games or cards, going for a walk, sharing a story, looking through old photo albums and talking about your family tree, watching TV together, or simply being in each other's company is valuable time, and, when we get through this, we will remember it as a once in more than a generation moment when we were given that precious gift of time.  Every moment you spend with your child is an investment for the future. Please savour and enjoy it (notwithstanding all the difficulties we're all experiencing at the moment).  However, please don't feel guilty if you don't spend every waking moment entertaining or teaching your child/ren.  You have to maintain your sanity and it will not harm your child to be bored every now and again.  As I said to them (above) I think boredom in children is a key requirement for all of us, and especially children, to contemplate the world about us, reflect on our lives and think about what is important.  Imagination is sparked, curiosity is fired and creativity is released.  Adults can sometimes be fooled into thinking we should have all the answers - we don't.  Don't be hard on yourself if you take time to just be.  

The resources I have included on the following page are yours to select as and when you wish.  There is no expectation that all of it should be completed, and if you decide that you would prefer your child do none of it - then that is your decision.  It is there as a support should you wish to use it. 

Best wishes.  Take care and be kind to yourself.

Mrs Mcknight