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Week Beginning 30.03.20

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Hi there, I really hope everyone is keeping safe and well...and able to get outside and enjoy this wonderful sunshine.  These activities are all good for quick, short activities.  



Use the phonic cards to run through the sounds EVERY day – it really make s a difference!

This week practice reading and writing words with the sounds: sh ch th qu

Use your robot voices to sound out the words below.

sh - shop ship shed shut shack wish fish dish

ch - chop chip chap chin chug chick check much such bench

th - this that then them they - what's the tricky bit in they?  In school we say "they - the, and a y"

qu - quit quiz quick quack queen  

Read the above words:  Write them out for your child or type them on screen for your child to read.

Then ask your child to have a go at writing the words. 

For an extra challenge could they write a very short sentence with them in? 

e.g   Pop to the shop.

Chug up the hill.

The moth is thin.

The queen is quick!


On line you can try phonics play:

– your child can spend 20 minutes playing the games for phase 2 and 3 – Pirate treasure, Obb and Blob and pick a picture are all great games and are free!


You might like these pages too: Sign up to a free conputer version for phonics and reading.

Or your children will enjoy watching Geraldine the giraffe at  Mr Thorne does phonics:



Keep reading regularly!  Ask your child questions about what they have read - start your questions with "Who / where / when?"  or even ask "So what happened?"  And if you ask "Why...?" then you could ask - "How do you know?" 

Go through their tricky words 

You might want to start sharing a chapter book at bedtime.  This week we have been reading "Sophie's snail" in school by Dick King Smith...I wonder what you could recommend?

If parents you are on Instagram - check out Benji Davies reading "Storm Whale".  Go to his instagram page to find it!


You might like these web sites too:

Search their site for rhymes and other activities.



Please can all of you write a postcard to someone in our class this week - and put it on tapestry - I'll link it in with whoever you want to send it to.  


And you could...

Write about how your sweet pea is doing, you could even make it into a zig zag book and add to it each week

If you've made something - write a caption to go with it.

Kinetic Letters

Do our kinetic letter animal shapes:

Try practicing h n and m this week.  They are all part of the Jumper family.  Practice on lined paper and use the monkeys to help you think about where to start each letter. 



Count every day!  Count our loud to 20 using the number cards.

Count our loud to 50 using your fingers.

Practice writing 9.

Can you make a pattern that goes round a plate?

Can you make a number line using objects up to 19? 

Order your number cards and then put a line of objects next to each number.  

Could your lines of objects / counters / bricks use a pattern?


Measure your sweet peas regularly - can you draw the stem to the right height?  Or could you cut paper to the same length and stick it in your zig zag book? 


Have a look on White Rose Maths for Home Learning:

Go to the Early Years tab and perfectly for Week 2 there all sorts of ideas around "What the Ladybird Heard" by Julia Donaldson.  You don't need the book - it's all there!


Patterns Can you get some plastic bowls - tip them upside down and play a short pattern on it for your family to copy?  Can they make some up for you to copy?  Take it in turns.



Keep moving – burn off that energy!

Log onto youtube for Joe Wickes:

Or try dancing to keep active!  Look up Trolls Dance song:  Can't stop the feeling

Or you could try Andy's Wild Workouts on CBeebies:


Fine motor skills – this week can you use some tweezers or tongs to pick up something small?

If you are using tongs - can you pick up lego bricks?

If you are using tweezers - can you pick up raisins? Or anything else that is small? 


The Gruffalo

Children - Have you made a model of the Gruffalo or one of the other characters in the book yet?

We've had some great models - but this week can everyone make something and put it on Tapestry.  You could even add a little video about how you made it.  Or take photos yourself to make a little step by step guide - we can link in the whole class to give each other ideas!

Have a go at singing along and signing the Gruffalo song:   

but remember - we are clever enough to do the colour purple properly!  

If you can't remember the colours then look again at the Sing a rainbow song we learned:

I know lots of you are putting Rainbows up in your windows to cheer up passersby!

Mrs Crane has created a music page with the class pages - take a look!



This week is Holy Week - find a children's Bible and read the Easter story, from when Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey - we remember this part of the story this weekend with Palm Sunday.

All of you took home your beautiful name cards written in Arabic and given to everyone by a Mum in our class.  Put it up where you will see it regularly.  Lots of children all around the world are just the same as you and having to stay at home. Say a prayer for children and their families all around the world.   You could even write a prayer and decorate it - and we can share it on tapestry for the class to share.


Additional Resources


If you need are looking for extras then you could look on Twinkl - an educational website that offers packs and activities for children.  Go to and use the voucher code UKTWINKLHELPS to download a free resource.  It does show a timetable - beware! You are at home - I would keep things going much more naturally than this!  But you might find something useful on there, or just for ideas!


Follow the link to Forest School Ideas from the website FSC  for when you can get outside!

Map making:,SEE,K4EW4,2NZL,1

Scavenger Hunt:,SEE,K4EW4,2NZL,1

Or Weather watch!,SEE,K4EW4,2NZL,1  I thought page 2 of this one looked great!