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Week Beginning 30.03.20

Dear Parents and Children,

We hope you are all healthy and safe at home.  Here is the home learning for this week...


  • Continue to practise the key maths facts that we need to know by the end of Spring Term (see the list in your child’s homework folder) - keep practising little and often as you have been doing so far this year.
  • Complete the usual maths weekly homework – see separate document in this folder on our class web page.
  • To practise your measuring skills, follow a recipe to bake something for your family.  Pay close attention to the amounts needed and measure accurately.  Why not work out the prices and how much it has cost to buy all of the ingredients.  Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before and after cooking!
  • If you have completed this, or for something extra, there is a daily online lesson at    Please go to the Year 2 tab, you will find an online tutorial and then some questions for you to try.



  • Keep up with the daily reading!  Read a range of texts and ask a grown up to ask you questions about what you have read to develop your comprehension skills.  Choose a reading challenge:  
  • Make a wanted poster about the villain in your story (or a story that you know well).  Include details and description using noun phrases, e.g. a cruel smile, small beady eyes, long wavy hair, selfish, sly trickster.        OR
  • Make a poster to show 5 interesting facts that you’ve learned from a non-fiction book you have read.  Include specific vocabulary from what you have read to add detail for the reader’s interest.
  • Think back to the baking activity that you have undertaken this week.  Write a set of instructions to explain what you did (without copying the recipe!)  To write a set of instructions remember to use:

Number or bullet points        

Imperative (or bossy) verbs, e.g. chop, melt, mix, slice whisk
Time adverbials, e.g. first, next, after, before, whilst, eventually, during

  • Look at the usual spelling homework for this week in this folder on our class webpage.  Go through Look, Cover, Write, and Check as you normally do with spelling practise.  



  • Create a time capsule to remember what is becoming one of the biggest moments in our lifetime.
  1. Write a letter explaining who you are, your age, who your friends are, your favourite books and TV programmes and what is happening in the world, in your own words.
  2. If you have a newspaper, cut out some articles or print some from online.  Choose ones which you think are important.
  3. Draw a picture of your family.
  4. Take some photos of you and your family.
  5. Put everything in a scrap book or a box and hide it away in your loft.  


  • Join Joe Wicks, the Body Coach each morning at 9am Monday-Friday for some fun daily exercise.  Even your adults can join in!
  • Try yoga, look at lots of these can be watched via YouTube.


  • As the Easter Weekend approaches, listen to / read with a member of your family the story of Easter.  Retell and sequence the main parts.  Create your own story map and record key words or phrases from the story.  
  • Research the Paschal Candle.  What is it?  When is it used? Why is it important?  Create your own Paschal Candle making sure you include the important symbols.  

* Follow this link to the CAFOD website where you can play games, try activities, share prayers and reflect:

Find more physical activity ideas by following:  

The School Games Organisers on Twitter or Facebook to join the challenge: 

Twitter: @HampshireSGO          Facebook: @HampshireSGO or search 'Hampshire SGO's'