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week beginning 29th June

Hello year 5s

Still missing you and thinking about you every day.  I hope you are all well and are managing to keep busy and active.  

I would like you to re-read any of your writing from the last few weeks and improve it the best you can. 

The RE from last week is for the next 2 weeks, so no need to try and get it all done in one go. 

Keep reading, practising the spellings I have been putting up every week and the maths home learning.  

Take care...

In between completing the maths activities, have a go at creating a board game for children of year 2 or year 3 age to help them learn their times tables or to tell the time.  Be as imaginative as you like, but your game must be clear to the younger children.  

RE/Sacraments. This should take you another 2 weeks. Please make sure you have answered each question fully and apply the knowledge you already have.


Please find out as much as you can about the UK.  You can create a powerpoint presentation, a leaflet/booklet or a handwritten project.  

Imagine you are creating a holiday brochure for people from overseas. Find out information about all the 4 countries within the UK and the most important human and geographical features in each.  Include maps, graphs and diagrams.  Remember to include places of interest that people might like to visit.  It would be really interesting if you also included statistics about population, land use and temperature.  You should spend the next 3 weeks creating this to the best of your ability.  

Have fun and produce something that makes you proud.