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Week beginning 29.6.2020

Dear All


We hope you've had a good week - keeping cool AND keeping warm! We are thinking of you and hope you are all keeping safe and well.  



Everyday start with a phonics run through.  

This week we going over just two sounds.

Before your child starts writing the words, ask them to write the short date (eg 29.6.20)  - write it on a separate sheet for them to copy.

When your child writes the words, make sure the letters sit on the line correctly.  

Ask your child to write along the line, leaving a small space for 2 letters (we do not say finger space); they should then have a go at writing a short sentence.   When writing the sentence - ask your child to check their work -

Can they put the sound buttons on to check they've used their sounds correctly? 

Have they got a capital letter? 

Have they got a full stop? 

Have they got spaces between their words? 


Do one sound below each day: 


Monday: oo - ask your child to write the following words along the line, leaving a space between each word:

zoo moon zoom cool food broom spoon


Extend your child by asking them to write the following sentences :

Zoom on the broom.

Food on the spoon.


Tuesday: oo - Ask your child to write the following words  

foot cook took good book wood look


Ask them to write the following sentences:

She took a book.

Let us look at a book.


Watch out on Tapestry for more.


There are great phonics game for practicing these sounds on ICT games.  Have a look at - Phonics Bingo - if you don't have a printer then just ask your child to read the words when they "pull" the red lever.  Try sight word games on there - High frequency word Bingo and Dinosaur Eggs games.



Try and do one or 2 of these sections each day:

Think about 10 - count out 10 things, 
Find it on the number line,
Order numbers from 12 to 20, Order numbers from 20 back to 9.
Read them in and out of order
Make a numberline with lines of objects to match the numbers.


This week the children in school are learning about subtraction using the  symbols: - and = signs.  We spend time saying the number sentence together and going through doing it and saying it as our main focus, but the children can now draw and write it too.

Here in school I gave the children little cards with the symbols on, and then they put the whole number sentence in order, read it out loud and then they are recording with pictures of their counters and the number sentence.  


Use the 5 frame in your pack - or just draw 5 squares in a line.  Put 5 counters  out on the 5 frame (Your counters could be playing pieces from a game / lego bricks / raisins / pasta shapes)

Choose different numbers each time to take away from 5.  How can they show how many counters they've taken away?   It could be they cross each counter out or put a line through the right number.  Make sure they always take away from the right hand side.  Show them on a number line that they are taking away from the biggest number.

They could make towers with lego bricks and then see that the number is getting smaller.  Can they write the number sentence underneath?  You will have to model this so they learn how to write it.


Then repeat this but using the 10 frame, and record - using pictures and the number sentence.  


Every day count to 50, then count in 10s every day to 100, and in 2s to 20.  Have a look on this page so your child has a reference point and can look at the patterns - talk about what they notice BUT ultimately it is about saying it out loud TOGETHER!


You could watch Number Blocks Series One, Episode "Holes" (



Have you started growing a few plants to add to our new garden in Year 1? You can be measuring these.  You could send us a video to share in class.   What kind of plants can you identify?  Do you have any cactus or vegetables growing in your garden?  Can your child draw and paint them, looking for detail and using the colours correctly.

Watch Tapestry for news on our caterpillars, and our special story.




Please practice the hand washing song on Tapestry together. 

Follow the link to Out of the Ark  songs to sing the range of songs I put on last week - all the children are loving these in school:

We are also singing a lot of nursery rhymes but with the addition of makaton - can your learn these together:

Mr Tumble:

Mary Mary Quite contrary (

3 little ducks (

Singing hands:

The Wheels on the bus

3 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed (

5 little Firemen (

Little Peter Rabbit (


Have a look on Mrs Crane's music page for some great song choices to learn.



The children are loving swing ball out on the playground - can you play with bats and balls this week?


I hope you have a good week.  Keep a look out on tapestry - and add what you've been learning too.

Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs North