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Week Beginning 29.06.20

Dear Parents and Children,

We have been very lucky once again to have had such glorious weather! I hope you have all managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while keeping safe.  Here it the home learning for this week… 


*To help build on your number fluency complete one set of maths starters each day.  These are exactly like we would do in class.  Remember, this should be a short task and if you need to make mental jottings that is fine.  See the document saved below – Maths Daily Starters
* Work your way through the maths tasks set this week.  


*Keep up with the daily reading!  Remember to read a range of non-fiction, fiction and poetry.  Ask your grown up (or an older family member) to ask you questions about what you have read to develop your comprehension skills.
*Look at the English Learning document and complete the activities.
*Focus on spelling patterns within words – this week look at –eg and –dge.  Make a list of words which fall into each spelling pattern.  Perhaps you could use these words in sentences as this will allow you to practise your hand writing too!
*Revisit formation of capital letters.  


Use the following website to familiarise yourself with oceans and continents 
Choose one continent or ocean and describe it to a family member to guess what is being described.  Maybe you could design a true or false quiz or write a riddle. Make sure you have included its size, climate, physical features, which countries are within it or near it, its position in relation to the equator etc.  


RE  - Eucharist
Eucharist means thanksgiving. This is when Christ’s body and blood are offered and then received by the parishioner in the form of bread and wine. This happens in Mass.

At the moment, when children in Year 2 attend Mass they approach the altar with their arms crossed and receive a blessing from Father John.  Once children have completed their First Holy Communion they are able to receive Christ’s body and blood.  As a child in Year 2, you will be able to complete the Holy Communion program in Year 3.  

Read the story of The Last Supper and complete the work 


P4C stands for Philosophy for Children.  In our P4C lessons at school, the children explore, through discussion, questions, statements or scenarios.  It is a time where the children are encouraged to listen to their peers and respect that they may have a different answer, and if they do that is ok.  They can disagree but if they do, they need to be able to back this up with a reason.  
Below is a ‘Would you rather?’ activity for you to explore as a family.  


* Bean bag toss
Set up a target or targets to toss bean bags into.
You can have bowls (each worth a different point value) or use a box with cuts holes in it.  
* Captain, yes captain
This one can involve everyone in the family - and the more who can play, the better.
To play, you first select a “captain”.  The captain yells out orders and the crew have to follow the orders.
Here are the orders:
Bow: Run to the front of the boat (front of room)
Stern: Run to the back of the boat (back of room)
Port: Run to the left side of the boat
Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat.
Hit the deck: Lay down on your stomach
Salute: Salute and yell, “Aye, aye captain!”
Scrub the deck: Drop to your knees and pretend to scrub the floor.
Captain’s quarters: Everyone ran towards the captain.
SHARK!: Everyone must run to a designated base. The last player to the base is eliminated.