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Week Beginning 27.4.20

Hello there!


I do hope everyone is keeping safe and well.  It's been really lovely this week seeing all the fantastic things you've been up to.


This week we are going to carry on thinking about Chicken Licken, but I also found some other books you might like.   You might enjoy having a look at this website

where there is free access to lots of books.  I thought the book "Who grows up on the farm?" looked a good book.

Also there is a great spring time interactive book "Every bunny dance" over on the book trust website

And of course there'll be more stories this week on Tapestry.  I wonder if you've found any versions of Chicken Licken at home?



Please use the video on Tapestry to run through a quick dash of all the sounds so your child can keep practicing.  

You could practice the following sounds this week; sound out the words - without looking at them - just to practise blending the sounds together, write them down for your child to read, and then they can have a go at writing them.

ee - see feet week jeep keep green sleep 

ff - off huff puff

ar - bar car jar card park shark star 

ll - doll hill well fill will Jill

or - horn sort torn fork short sport


Some of these sounds are hard!  So keep the sound mat in front of your child for them to refer to.  It's also a good idea to keep that particular sound card out in front of them - this will help them focus on the sounds and blending them together.


If your child wants a challenge then ask them to write a little sentence with the sounds they've used:

Go in the green jeep

I can huff and puff.

It is a shark in the park!

My doll Jill.

He has a torn horn.

You could make up your own too if you want to.



This week keep retelling your family the story of Chicken Licken. 

Create a little "cartoon strip" of your own drawings of the story.  Add a caption to go with it.

Or you could make a zig-zag book of it, or a little book out of one sheet of paper


Can you make a change - it might be the ending? Or they might they reach the decide.


Can you use anything to help you?

Can you make some little junk birds or cut them out of junk to make little puppets.  Put them on kebab sticks, or strips cut from boxes or milk cartons.  Retell your story with them.


Kinetic Letters

Do our kinetic letter animal shapes:

Try practicing r p and b this week.  They are all part of the Jumper family.  Practice on lined paper and use the monkeys to help you think about where to start each letter and where they stop. 



Keep counting up to 20.  Put your number cards in the right order.  Pick a number and put the right number of counters with it - you could use lego or wooden bricks, hair clips or pens.

Can you find 1 more?  Can you find 1 less?  What about 2 more?  Can you find 2 less?

Find 2 dice - roll the dice and count out your counters to match - how many have you got altogether?

Play a dice game with your family - Snakes and Ladders and Ludo are great for counting!

Why not watch Number blocks.  Series 4:14 is a great one



Try and make the most of the good weather - where you can get outside and take a ball.  Can you roll it to each other?  Kick it to each other?  Can you aim it at a target?  Can you bounce it and catch it?  can you throw it straight up high, let it bounce and then catch it?  Have a go.



Think about the Easter story you heard in the video.  Talk to your family and think about the following questions:

What happened to Jesus?

When did it happen?

What do you think Jesus's friends said when they saw the empty tomb?

How do you think they were feeling?

What happened next?

Why do we give thanks at Easter?

Christians believe that Jesus is alive today - How does that help us?

How can we bring hope and joy to other people?


I hope you all have a good week.  I am really missing you, but looking forward to when we are all back together again.  Keep sending me your photos and videos - I love seeing them.  You are all doing really well!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs North ;)