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Week beginning 23rd March

Year 6 children are ready for home learning and have today been sent home with the following:

  • Grammar, reading and maths booklets and answers
  • Further reading practise
  • A library book and one additional book
  • An exercise book for them to use. We have discussed ideas today as to how this could be used, such as: story writing; keeping a diary; researching a topic of interest; or planning a project.


In addition to the pack of work sent home with your child, the following links may be useful:

  • Reading

free eBooks collection. Just need to register with an email address

  • Maths


(If children have lost their password, I can reset - please email at

Ensure learning of all Year 6 maths facts

Square numbers up to 20 X 20 = 400

F D and P for 1/3 and 1/8

know parts of a circle (radius, diameter, circumference)

Knowing conversions for  measurements of length,

Knowing conversions for measurements of mass

Knowing conversions for measurements of volume

Knowing conversions for  measurements of time

Know approximations for imperial measures (5 miles to 8km)

formula for area of a triangle

formula for area of a parallelogram

formula for volume of a cube

prime numbers up to 100


All Roman Numerals 


  • Spelling

See Spelling list links (High frequency words lists, year 3/4 word list and year 5/6 word lists (this is also in the centre of the reading log)

  • Writing

No registration required. Picture stimuli, grammar activities and story starters

Free resources for age 9-11

  • Keeping active -  these websites have great activities to do whilst at home and also some ideas for healthy eating whilst being stuck indoors. I am sure that  most of you are aware of Joe Wicks the Body Coach, he is planning on becoming the nations PE teacher by providing a different workout each day live at 9 o clock on his YouTube and Instagram pages. this website is packed with fun videos which link to your child’s learning and getting them moving. Suitable for KS1 and KS2