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Week Beginning 23.03.20

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Keep looking each week for new activities.  Young children love routine, and they learn by lots of repetition and short bursts of learning -  it will keep your child happy and stimulated, not bored and irritable!  And it will mean they remember what they’ve learnt already and keep moving forward with their learning.

Do a little bit of the following at some point throughout each day –



Use the phonic cards to run through the sounds EVERY day – use it lose it!

I’ll add in a video of what we say and the actions that go with them.

This week practise reading and writing words with the sounds: j h b x w

Use your robot voices to sound out the words below.

Write them out for your child or type them on screen for your child to read.

Use the kinetic letters crib sheet so your child practises forming the letter correctly.  Make sure they hold their pencil correctly between their thumb and index finger.

Then ask your child to have a go at writing the words.  For an extra challenge could they write a very short sentence with them in  e.g   He has a jug.

J – jug jab jet Jim job jeep

H – hat hug hop hot hit had

B – bat bet bit bop but beep

X  - ox fox fix Max mix

W – wet win went will was (was is a tricky word – ask them can they spot the tricky bit?)


On line you can try phonics play:

– your child can spend 20 minutes playing the games for phase 2 and 3 – Pirate treasure, Obb and Blob and pick a picture are all great games and are free!



Make sure your child reads to you every day.  Your child is coming home with 5 books.

Go through their tricky words – we’ve added extra sets in their home learning packs – use these for games – word bingo or copy them and cut up  to play pairs. 

Also look on Oxford owl for free ebooks:  here you can click on the Book band tab to access pink or red books which your child can read.  You will need to log in to access the books – but then this another free resource.



Ask your child to write with you most days.  Don’t tell them how to spell words – they need to sound the word out and listen for the sounds they can hear.   I do make sure they spell the following words correctly – the and was my of to into

Writing lists is great!

Write a postcard for one of your classmates – put it on Tapestry and I’ll link them in so you can “Post” cards to each other.  Don’t forget to give your best effort!

Your child is coming home with something special for Sunday!  Can they write about how they planted the sweet peas -  can they keep a diary of what happens to it? 



Count every day!  Count our loud to 20 using the number cards.

Count our loud to 50 using your fingers.

Practise writing 8.

This week we have been making step patterns (adding 1 each time!)

Can your child make a step pattern using the number line in your pack. 

Can they draw it?  Can they write the numbers onto label it.

Measure each day and keep a record of what happens to the gift you give Mummy!



Do our kinetic letter animal shapes:

Keep moving – why not learn to skip!

Joe Wickes is putting a free 30 minute family workout at 9am every day on Youtube – join in and have a great start to your day!

Throwing and kicking – play ball games – throw at a target to your left and then your right

Pass the ball to each other – roll it, bounce it, kick it!

Don’t forget fine motor skills – this week see how many pegs you can put on the airer or washing line in just 1 minute.  Can you beat that number the next day?  Remember – only use use your “holding fingers” – thumb and index finger.  Hold a little ball / small brick / or even a bit of chopped up bit of carrot in your other fingers!


The Gruffalo

We’ve been reading all sorts of Julia Donaldson books recently.

Can your child make one?  Use junk or any kind of construction on the floor.  You could make one of out sticks and bits you find outside in the garden – make it out there on the floor.  Or inside using clothes on the floor! 

Remember you can put all these things in Tapestry – we’ll share the best ones here next week!


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