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Week Beginning 23.03.20

Dear Parents and Children,
Please find in the class page the following suggestions of activities that your child can do whilst the school is closed.


  • Practise the key maths facts that we need to know by the end of Spring Term (see the list in your child’s homework folder) - keep practising little and often as you have been doing so far this year.
  • Play maths games on



  • Keep up with the daily reading!  Read a range of texts and ask your grown up (or an older family member) to ask you questions about what you have read to develop your comprehension skills.
  • Ask a grown up to sign up FOR FREE on Oxford Owl:
      Click on ‘Join Us’, sign up and choose e-books to read!  You can select books to            read that match your reading colour band at school.

  • Write about anything!  Write a letter to your friends (as you may not see each other for a little while), write a postcard, write a story, or write an information book about something that you are interested in.  Remember:  correct punctuation in everything that you write and use interesting words!  
  • Practise spelling any common exception words that you know you find tricky – use the tricky word mat given to you at parents’ evening and go through Look, Cover, Write, Check as you normally do with spelling practise.  Please also find a copy on the class page.



  • In the summer term we will be learning all about plant growth.  Plant some seeds or a bulb (either in a pot or in the ground in your garden).  Keep a record of what happens to it over the next few weeks.  Take a photograph too if you wish!  
  • Find out as much as you can about the parts of plants and how to grow them ….and keep them alive!
  • Have a look at these clips on 



  • If you can get outside, practise key movement skills such as starting, stopping, balancing, skipping, hopping, and changing direction when running.
  • If you have a skipping rope, challenge yourself to do more skips each day.
  • If you have a ball, play throw and catch with a partner, challenging yourself each day to catch the ball more times in a row without dropping it!
  • Think of an exercise routine that you can teach to your family to all keep fit.
  • Do not forget to warm up and cool down by stretching afterwards!  
  • Try yoga, look at lots of these can be watched via YouTube.



  • Choose a category from the Spring 2 topic homework.  Complete one of the challenges and share it with your family.
  • Continue researching the life of Admiral Nelson and life on board HMS Victory. Think of a fun way to share your learning with your family, for example give them a talk about his life, make a poster, think of questions to ask each other and have a quiz.   Have a look at these websites with lots of information:    
  • Locate places on a map / globe / in an atlas that Nelson visited during his life.

If the link to HMS Victory is not working, please type in the web address:   Then scroll down and select the section about Restoration.  Apologies!