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Week beginning 20th April

W/B: 20th APRIL

Welcome back to the summer term! I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break as much as possible, and are all safe and well. 

ENGLISH: For this week, open the attachment and follow the instructions. You have been given a story starter involving a character you know. Remember to plan, write and edit your story over the week. I look forward to reading your results on Seesaw!

The story is the main task. The other activities are optional.


HISTORY: Please complete the attached timeline challenge from 1000 year old boy


MATHS: Dominos are made by joining two squares along their complete length. Tetrominoes are made by joining four squares along their complete length. (Google, or ask people in your family about the computer game, Tetris!) You are going to investigate pentomines (5 squares joined along their complete lengths to make shapes. For example:








Squared paper will be great for this if you have any, or you could make a small square and use it as a template to draw them in your book. When it comes to challenges 4-6, you may want to make the pentominoes and cut them out so you can move them around more easily (or, create using ICT).

Challenge 1: Can you find all the different pentominoes?

Challenge 2: How many have you found? How do you know you’ve found them all?

Challenge 3: They are said to look like letters of the alphabet (with a bit of imagination!). Can you identify which letters?

Challenge 4: Can you use all the pentominoes to fill a 10 X 6 rectangle?

Challenge 5: Are other rectangles (with different dimensions) possible?

Challenge 6: What about other shapes? Is a square possible for example? What about a hexagon? Would it be regular or irregular?


Optional extra Maths: Problems of the Day


RE: Please read the Gospel accounts of The Resurrection - Matthew 28: 1-10, Mark 16: 1-8, Luke 24: 1-12, John 20: 1 – 10 and think about the following questions:

What are the similarities and differences?            On which occasions did Christ appear after his death?      Why do you think there are differing accounts of the resurrection?     What message does each appearance of Christ give us?


Please also make sure you keep active- this helps your body, your brain, and how you feel!

Once again, I look forward to seeing, and responding to, your home learning on Seesaw.

Miss Crouch