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week beginning 20th April


We have been contacted by a company which is offering free access to over 7000 books for all ages and interests while the schools are closed.  

The web address is - 


The home page is easily navigated and you should be able to access the books within seconds.  There are many graphic novels - which are very popular.  There is also a facility whereby you are able to hear the books being read to you.  Please try it.  Happy reading.  


I have selected a picture for you to write about.  It's called the Time Traveller.  Spend the week planning, drafting, re-reading and editing.  Think about your reader - what will they need to know.  Include as much detail as you can to create the atmosphere and character you want.  Remember how useful it is to find synonyms for key words and use them throughout a paragraph or section for emphasis.   Remember all the techniques you've been taught and use your imagination.  

Good luck.  

The Time Traveller


Here is an activity you can do with someone else in your house.  If you can't find a dice, make a spinner or try and make something that will work just as well.  Read all the instructions carefully.  There are a number of different variations you can play.   Some images wouldn't copy, so I have put the website address at the top of the page for you access if you are able.  

Have fun

some reasoning problems for you to try


During the Easter unit we would have been exploring the lead up to the crucifixion.  Read Matthew 26: 14 to Matthew 27:66.  There is a lot to read, so take your time.  If I were you, I'd read it more than once.  

Imagine you are one of Jesus' friends and you had witnessed all of these events.  Write a diary entry for each event detailing what happened and how you and others felt.  

This will take you a long time, so don't rush it.  I'm not expecting you to finish this in a week.  

Remember, a diary entry includes the innermost thoughts and feelings of the writer.  It is written in first person and when writing you will use a variety of tenses as you consider what happened during the day that has just gone and you contemplate what might happen in the future.  Write it so the reader can 'see' what is happening.  It would be great if you could use evidence from scripture to support your diary entries. 


We would have been making Fairground rides this half term, so start collecting materials you might want to use.  I will be putting up some pictures of fairground rides you could use as inspiration, but you can equally explore fairground rides on the internet.  I will be asking you to design a ride and then have a go at making one.  You will have to be ingenious with your materials as you probably won't have access to the materials we would have used in school.  However, it will mean that all of yours will be unique and much more interesting.  

Don't worry about doing this yet.  Just mull over some ideas in your head.