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Week Beginning 20.4.20

Hello there!

I do hope you are all keeping well and safe and have been able to enjoy all the sunshine over Easter.  It's been lovely to see what the children have been up to on Tapestry.

Reception will not be using SeeSaw - we will only use Tapestry.  We know that you all use it and are familiar with it.  It also means that all the Reception children's learning is kept in one place online.

I've put together some ideas for home learning for the coming week.  Each day I'll add videos onto Tapestry with stories, rhymes and little activities around the theme of Easter and New Life.  As we have had Easter eggs we would be thinking about eggs as a sign of New Life and what do we know about eggs?  In school we would be reading stories around Chicken Licken and looking at information books about Spring and birds so everything here is about this.  Please add things on that you've done at home - it is really great to see how they are getting on.

Talking and playing with your child is the most important way in which your child will learn - so follow their ideas too - often they will come up with much better things to do and they'll want to do them!  Young children love to return to the same thing and repeat it - but make changes together, and take the lead from them.  Ask them for their ideas and talk about how you can do them.  Good luck!



Watch out for the story of Chicken Licken on Tapestry on Monday!  

You might want to log into Oxford Owl and read "Ducks" (

or read "Jack" - you can read all about what that chicken got up to! (



A quick dash through all the sounds will go on Tapestry - your child can keep replaying it so that they can practice their sounds.  

You could practice the following sounds this week; encourage the children to say the words aloud, and then have a go at writing them.

ng - wing, sing, king, thing, bring

nk - pink rink wink link sink think stink

oo - zoo, food, room, moon, spoon

oo - look, took, book, cook, foot

e - he we she me be - it's just 1 e!


If your child wants a challenge then ask them to write a little sentence with the sounds they've used:

Can the king can sing?

I think I stink!

Zoom to the moon.

Look at a cookbook.

She can go to the zoo.



This week could your child make a character from Chicken Licken?  It could be out of junk, or simply do cutting and sticking from boxes you are throwing away to make it.  It could simply be drawn, or made out of clothes on the floor, or out of things you find in the garden.  Can your child write a speech bubble - what would their character say to the king?



Practice counting to 20.  Count backwards from 20.

Learning the teen numbers are the hardest!

Use number cards in the pack - can your child arrange them going back from 20.

Take it in turns to choose numbers, and make that number using anything - bricks, lego, cars, hair clips, daisies.

You could take one out and ask your child which is missing - try and leave a gap where the number should go, and then moving them close together so they don't have the space as a clue.
Once your child can do it confidently ask them to put them out from 19 back to 7, or 16 back to 9 etc.
Remember having the number line out to refer to is not giving her the answer - it's giving your child the chance to refer to something to help them - they have to find the numbers they need - it's like us using spell check or a dictionary!


You could do a bird watch.  There's a bird watching sheet on the RSPB website (

If you don't have a printer then just look different birds up and watch out for them, or just list them and make up your own sheet.  I wonder what you will spot?

Can you do it as a tally chart?  At school we teach it as: IIII

and then on the fifth one we say "Shut the gate" and strike through the 4 strokes.  It's a great way for the children to see that they can quickly count up in 5s.  You could even count up to 30 in 5s.



Have a look at Cosmic Yoga - there's a great Spring time session at

Or put some music on and let them have a dance like the different birds in the story,

Sing and dance along to "Spring Chicken"  - this is a really cheery song!



We are celebrating Easter.   You can read the Easter story together, but focus on what happened on Easter Sunday and after that when Jesus reappeared to the disciples.  While it was a time when the disciples were sad and anxious, it led to a time of joy and hope as they realised the New Life that came through Jesus.  Try and get outside and have a walk, looking for signs of New Life.  Talk about what you see.  Could your child could photograph all the things they choose which they think show New Life and upload it on Tapestry?


Remember to take pictures of all of your lovely home learning and add them to Tapestry - I will be logging in daily and commenting on your fabulous work! I will be adding videos of my own with stories, rhymes and little activities throughout the week.  Although I have to say after this mornings efforts I may well be including outtakes at the end of next week!!

All of the above are only intended as helpful and possible suggestions that are there to support you.   What's important at this time is to keep safe, well and happy.  Try and relax and enjoy this precious time with your children. 


Sending warmest wishes - and keep safe.

Mrs North  ;)