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week beginning 18th May

Hello everyone

I'm missing you all and I hope that you are all well and happy.  I know that a lot of you are missing your friends and some of you have managed to keep in touch over social media.  If you can't do that, have you considered writing a letter to your friends if your parents agree?  Some of the children who come in during the week have said that they have written to their friends and they were very excited when they got a reply through the post.  

I have included a lot of resources for our Roman topic this week, so this should keep you busy for about 4 or 5 weeks.  The writing you do during these weeks will be your English work too - apart from reading regularly and practising those spellings which I have included every week. 

This half term we would have been learning about the Romans and their invasion of Britain.  I have included lots of resources for you to explore.  Some are powerpoints for you to read and some are worksheets for you to complete, such as one about Roman numerals and another about place names in Britain.  

When you have explored all the information, I would like you to create a project about the Romans filled with all the information you've learned about them.  You can include illustrations, maps, diagrams, diary entries from the perspective of different characters you've learned about and/or a story.  Have fun.

Use this link to access a BBC film about the Romans

You could write a diary as though you were Julius Caesar talking about the Celts, describing what they looked like, what he thought of them and what he thought of Britain.

Then you could write a diary as though you were a Celt explaining their feelings about the Roman invasion, what they thought of the Romans and the differences between them.



Your writing this week will come from the Roman resources I have uploaded.  Be imaginative in your fiction writing (diary, story) and as accurate as possible when you write non-fiction.   

Continue reading regularly and practise the spellings I keep putting up. 


We would have been exploring images of heaven and what people think heaven might be like, so I would like you to create your own image of heaven using whichever media you choose.  Once you have created your image explain why you think it portrays your idea of heaven.