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Week beginning 18.5.10

Hello there Everybody!


I do hope you are all keeping well and safe.  I wonder what you've been up to this week - it's been lovely to see what you've been doing on Tapestry.  It's been such lovely spring weather and I've been spring cleaning and out in my garden tidying up.  It made me think about someone else who'e been very busy - "The very Busy Spider" in Eric Carle's book.  Head over to Youtube to watch the story:



There are some fantastic ideas for things to do all around the story on the Maths White Rose website, week 4

There's lots of ideas for number work and patterns.  Don't forget to put photos and videos on Tapestry to show me what you are up to.

Keep practicing your counting out loud to 20 and backwards, starting and stopping in different places. 

Count out up to 20 objects.

Order your number cards and use them to practice reading the numbers in and out of order.

Practice writing some pulling numbers (as we call them in Kinetic letters) - 4,6,9



Please use the video on Tapestry to run through a quick dash of all the sounds so your child can keep practicing.  

You could practice the following sounds this week; sound out the words - without looking at them - just to practice blending the sounds together, write them down for your child to read, and then they can have a go at writing them.

ck - pack sack kick pick sick flick 

u - run mug cup sun mud

y - yes yet yap yell

or - for fork cork sort born fort short

oy - boy toy joy enoy


Some of these sounds are hard - but we have done them all in school and would be going over them again.  So keep the sound mat in front of your child for them to refer to.  It's also a good idea to keep that particular sound card out in front of them - this will help them focus on the sounds and blending them together.


If your child wants a challenge then ask them to write a little sentence with the sounds they've used.  I've put a simpler phrase and then a more challenging one - choose the one you feel is most appropriate for your child, or use them both - with the first as a warm up:

Mugs and cups.  /  Get a mug and a cup.

Rats in a sack.  /  On top of the rock. 

Can dogs yap?  / This is my yam.

Is it for me?  /  Sort the forks.  

A toy for a boy.   / This is a toy for you to enjoy!



This week why not try a song to keep you going. 

There's a great song on Out of the ark home learning page on Week 2: Monday called "Clap hands! Stamp feet!"

Kinetic letters: Practice the Fisher family - with all the letters' tails dipping down and on down below the line - going fishing under the line: j y f g

As we are thinking about the Very Busy Spider, why not see if you can hole punch round a cardboard circle or square and "sew" across it to make your own web.  You could use string or a boot lace.



It's May, and Catholics around the world are remembering Mary - Jesus's Mother.  Try and learn the "Hail Mary" - here is a song and signs that we would learn if we were in school.  The signs will help you learn the words too.



Remember to keep having a look at the "Mindful Monsters" Instagram page for ideas of things you can do to help you all relax and feel happy at home.  I do hope we will see you soon.

Keep safe and sending you all lots of love


Mrs North x