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Week Beginning 18.05.20

Hello everyone,


I hope you have all a wonderful week. I have loved reading your prayers for Mary and seeing your beautiful life-cycle pictures and writing. I have been thrilled to see all of the comments about the maths work and how hard you have all been working! Well done also for all of your prefix work. I read some excellent sentences that you had written using the prefix un. 


This weeks activities are below :)


Have a super week.laugh


Miss Lea 




As always, please keep up with your reading - a mixture of books you have at home and some online at:


For phonics this week, I would like you to focus on split digraphs - a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e & u_e. I have added a PowerPoint below with some quick fire words to try and also a split digraph spotter postcode. See if you can find all of the split digraphs written within the postcode. Maybe you could have a go at creating your own with hidden split digraphs!


Our writing task this week, is it write some descriptive sentences about pirates. I have included a template below, but if you would like to, create your own :) Remember to include capital letters, spaces and full stops or exclamation marks. 


I have added some started activities and a couple of larger tasks below. Remember to be counting in 2's, 5's and 10's as often as possible and to be recalling the number bonds to 20! 


We continue with our thoughts about Mary's month of May. This week, use the following link to find a recipe to bake some delicious Mary cookies. 

Before you enjoy your tasty creations, create a prayer to share with Mary about things you are thankful for. 


Create a course that involves stepping stones, climbing the rigging and walking the plank. How quickly can you get around your course? Be creative with your course - could you use cushions as your stepping stones? Maybe you could walk along chairs for the plank? What about running up the stairs or stepping up and down on a box for climbing? 

I can't wait to see what you come up with. 



Find out about some famous historical pirates. Maybe you could create a poster, PowerPoint or fact sheet about them. The PowerPoint below introduces some famous pirates that you might like to consider as a starting point. 



Have a go at these science experiments! They all require simple resources found around the home. There are some top tips for parents too - in terms of the science happening. 

Have lots of fun!!


Use paint or collage a picture of the island you would like to visit as a pirate. Is there an X to mark the treasure? Is it a sandy island or an island covered in forest? Think about using different tints and tones (adding white/black to colours if painting) or texture if using collage.