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Week beginning 15th June

Monday 15th June


I hope this finds you all well and safe. The home learning for those not in school this week is below. I would also really encourage you to keep reading (a book, information on a blog, e-book, magazine…anything!) and to keep as active as possible because this will help your mind as well as your body. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further support (

Miss Crouch J



We are still thinking about the gifts of the Spirit (wisdom, understanding, right judgement, counsel, knowledge, piety and reverence/fear of the Lord).

Watch this video and make notes about each gift so that you can respond to the following questions:

Which of the gifts would you like to receive more of? Why? How would you use it?

Which of the gifts do you think you have the most of? Please explain


In class, we have been planning and will now be writing an additional Chapter from 1000 year old boy where Alfie explains his experience of the Battle of Towton. This was a real battle in 1461 and was part of the War of the Roses. Look at the attached information (notes and language generated in class) and see if you can plan and then write Alfie’s account of the battle. Perhaps Mam could lead him up a hill with Biffa to try and protect him from the atrocities below. He, however, may look back and describe what he sees while Mam tries to shield his eyes with her shawl.


Please complete the tasks in the document


Please see attached


We are re-capping on the South of England before branching out to the rest of the UK to ensure pupils do know the names of counties, cities, landmarks and physical features such as rivers.