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Week Beginning 15.6.2020

Dear All


We hope you've had a good week despite the rain.  Thankfully it hasn't stopped us doing anything in school and all the children are very happy.  We are thinking of you and hope you are all keeping safe and well.  In Reception we are continuing to focus on mindful activities, and the children say it helps them to feel calm and look forward to doing our regular cosmic yoga sessions.



Everyday start with a phonics run through.  

This week our focus will be revising the double consonants, and it's helpful to remind the children that we usually see them at the end of a word, and not at the start. 

Use the kinetic paper and crib sheet , they can be found on our very first home learning page 23.3.20 if you need to print them out again.

Start by asking your child to practice the letter of the day, saying the little phrase.  remember you can still practice this using your whole body (you and your child!), then on your arm; look back at the Tapestry sessions for kinetic letters if you are unsure.


Before your child starts writing the words, ask them to write the short date (eg 15.6.20)  - write it on a separate sheet for them to copy and talk about what the numbers mean.

When your child writes the words, make sure they sit on the line correctly.  

Ask your child to write along the line, leaving a small space for 2 letters (we do not say finger space).

If your child finds it easy then I have put a second line so your child can be challenged with harder words using the same vowel; they should then have a go at writing a short sentence.  


Do one sound below each day: 


Monday: ck - ask your child to write the following words  

sock rock kick pick tick tock flick clock. 

Extend your child by asking them to write the following sentences :

The chick can go flick.

Tick tock went the clock.


Tuesday: ll  ss - This is 2 sounds, but they are relatively easy - however we are finding in school that the children just need that bit of reminding about where the double consonant goes in a word. 

Ask your child to write the following words  

kiss miss hiss mess boss chess gloss

Bell well fell will doll dull still. 

If they find this easy then ask them to write bossy messy dolly  (we say at school that "e and i are very shy they call their friend TOUGHY Y" - so that e and i do not have to stand at the end of a word on their own!

Ask them to write the following sentences:

Can I kiss the doll?

It is such a big mess.


Wednesday: ff zz - ask your child to write the following words  

huff puff cuff buff off (and look at the difference between off and of - of is one of those tricky words that doesn't look how it sounds)

cliff stuff  bluff muffin 

buzz jazz fizz fizzy frizzy pizza


Ask them to write the following sentences:

Is that fizzy?

He can huff and puff


Thursday:  ch - ask your child to write the following words  

chip chin chill chick rich such much

Ask them to write the following sentences:

He has such a  big chin.


There is a great phonics game for practicing these sounds on ICT games.  Have a look at - if you don't have a printer then just ask your child to read the words when they "pull" the red lever.



Try and do one or 2 of these sections each day:

Think about 11 - count out 11 things, 
Find it on the number line,
Order numbers to 11, Order numbers from 20 back to 11, or forward.
Read them in and out of order
Make it with numicon

Put it out as counters on no line – what do we know – it’s 10 and 1 more.  t


What do we know about 11?  10 and 1 more –  

lay out the number cards 6-20 - ask your child to make 2 towers with building bricks / blocks.   Which is more?  Which is less?  Can they prove it?  Put them on the number line to check.  Talk about the numbers being bigger / smaller / taller / shorter.  How many more / how many less?


Find different ways to make 5 - we are now using the + and = signs.  

Find different ways to make 5 using numicon and write the number sentence.  here in school I gave the children little cards with the symbols on, and then they put the whole number sentence in order, read it out loud and then they are recording with pictures of the numicon and the number sentence.  

Then using a 5 frame - can they record it - with spots on the 5 frame, and recording the number sentence.  


Explore "What do they know about 5?"   

(Look on Tapestry for ideas here - see what the children said in school when we asked what do we know about 6).


Use these cards  for a bingo game to practice 1 more.


We are now counting in 10s every day to 100, and in 2s to 20.  Have a look on this page so your child has a reference point and can look at the patterns - talk about what they notice BUT ultimately it is about saying it out loud TOGETHER!





We are continuing to look at Mindful Monsters this week.  This week we are thinking about Giggles and Sparky.

Can you make models of the Characters - use junk, playdough - anything and ask your child to write something about them.  What do they find relaxing, or calming?  Can they write a list?



We are thinking about the story of Noah's Ark.  In school we will be painting our salt dough rainbows - have you made one?  Can your child write a thank you prayer to go with it.



Please practice the hand washing song on Tapestry together. 

Follow the link to Out of the Ark  songs:

Scroll down to the first section In it together, then scroll down to the songs Wake up, Together, Clap Hands - Stamp feet.  the children in school have been really enjoying the songs.

This week the children will be learning another new song - go to the Red "Sing in every subject" section and scroll down to "Sing of a rainbow".  The children are all loving singing together and it makes such a great feeling of joy and togetherness. We hope you feel that too at home with your families.

Have a look on Mrs Crane's music page for some great song choices to learn.



This week we will be repeating the Cosmic Yoga sessions using the calming playlist

Twilight the unicorn and Tommy the bedtime turtle.  Explore the episodes your child would like to choose - but we are going for ones that are about 15 minutes!


I hope you have a good week.  Keep adding your learning to tapestry - it's great to see what you've been up to. 

Take care dear ones!

Mrs North